Saturday, 25 November 2017

Finally..on Cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin

Without realising I have been left behind from reaping the earning from the soaring prices of the cryptocurrency - Bitcoin. 

My eyes, mind and ears are closed for any online investments feared from gotten Scam on my hard earned money.   Those who took the risks and invested in bitcoins have became wealthier (if not millionaires).  

After watching several videos on youtube, I am convinced that the growth of Bitcoin is unstoppable, Cryptocurrency is the future currency.  Currently, 1 Bitcoin (BTC) is USD8,432.25 (RM34,652.14), it is on an upward trend and expected to hit USD10,000.00 by the end of this year.  Those who hold BTC will be smiling.

With such a high price per BTC, it is not affordable to many.  I am glad the we have found USI-Tech which allows members to invest in Bitcoin (BTC) by fraction with merely EURO50.00 per package, each package purchased will earn a daily interest (5 days a week), members are allowed to utilise these interest to rebuy more packages thus more interests and bitcoins will be earned in members' investment account.  This is the best package so far allowing us to purchase bitcoin with small amount of money and earning interests at the same time.

You could follow my link here to read more about USI-Tech investment on Bitcoin and start your investment on future currency.


  1. You invested in BitCoin too? Wonder if the risks are high...

    1. The bitcoin price has soared near to USD9k today. Hope it will be fine.


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