Monday 20 March 2023

A walk at the park, finally

Have been wanting to go for a walk at the park. My procrastination is the culprit.  I finally did it this afternoon.  Crystal is required to take some photos for her uni assignment, she would like to capture some nice outdoor scenery at Perdana Park.  We arrived at the park slightly after 3pm.
I took the chance to do my walking at the jogging track. The sun was shining bright, another hot day. There are 3 jogging tracks in this park. This track is in the middle ring.
This is the inner track nearest to the pond.  There isn't any shade, I didn't want to get sun burn walking there.
The park is just next to the State Library, it's a nice architectural building with green concepts. 
One side of the park is next to Kinabalu Golf Club, a 9-holes golf course which we are a member but hardly utilise the membership's facilities.
I recorded my walk using Strava.  I did 3.35 km slow walk on the middle and outer tracks. 

You know what ? 
We adjourned to McDonald's for an early dinner after that.  I had this Ramadan Chicken Foldover and a mocha.  I will order this Chicken Foldover again. 


  1. Weather hasn't been good lately so a walk in the park is not possible. But during this school holiday, I managed to bring my kids to 2 different parks.

  2. What a nice park. Must be so relaxing to take a walk in this lovely park. I believe I would like the taste of mcd chicken foldover.


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