Tuesday 17 July 2012

Gathering of Old time Friends

One can hardly see me joining any gathering or reunion of school mates, there were many of such occasions that I did not make any effort to join, but it was a different case when my childhood friend, Susan, came back from the U.S. last month.  I got to meet her before she goes off again.  We have not been seeing each other for more than 5 years since the last time she came back to KK.  We are close friend since primary school, her parents have been very consistently bringing me to church every Sunday when I was still a teenage girl. They were like God sent guardians to me.

Due to her busy schedule during the last 3 weeks in KK before she went off to Ipoh (much nearer to home this time), we managed to get together for yam cha on a Sunday afternoon, 8th July 2012, together with our old time friends, Vivien & Eliza.  I tagged along my 2 little princesses to meet the aunties. They got bored  and misbehaved a little while the mummy & aunties were busy chit chatting, catching up with each other on the past & present :DDD.

 From Left : Susan, Vivien, me, Eliza
It was a great get together, looking forward to our next gathering again during this coming Chinese New Year.    

Monday 16 July 2012

All The Best Rosie

After near 5 years of working in the company, my colleague, Rosalind, has finally called it a quit and to start their family business. I guess she must have thought it over and over again before making a decision, it is not easy to come out from the comfort zone and go into the unknown, especially to venture into a new business. 

Rosalind, far right in black "love Malaysia" T-Shirt

We had a farewell dinner for her at Promenade hotel last Friday, it was heavy downpour that evening, we nearly postponed the dinner, glad that we carried on as planned. The weather in KK has been unpredictable, it hard to find a fine day for the occasion. The buffet dinner was superb that goes well with the company of our colleagues, it is our good gesture to wish Rosalind succeeds in her future endeavors.

Sunday 15 July 2012

Shop at Martin Margiela

The typical way of shopping for clothing, shoes and accessories is to pop into the shops whenever we feel like especially when the outfits on the models on display have attracted our eyes. 

Recently, buying from the online shopping malls has becoming popular, no doubts we can save time, away from the problem of traffic congestion, and enjoy shopping spree at the comfort of our home, I still find something amiss without the physical feel and touch of the products we are about to buy, more often than not, the quality of the products are not up to our expectation. Returning of the products and getting the money refunded would be a long process at times. Therefore, I still reckon that the most enjoyable way to shop is to patronize the boutique ourselves, to feel, touch and put the outfits on for a try. Buy when we are really satisfy with it. 

If price is not an issue or you have a high budget for clothes shopping, and would like to have an exclusive personal attention while you shop, I would recommend you to shop at Martin Margiela. They have got a wide range of latest fashion menswear, women wear, footwear, accessories in store for you, there are sizes and colours for you to choose from too. 

To indulge yourself with an exclusive shopping experience, you could make an appointment by sending an email to appointments@ln-cc.com or call them at 0203 174 0727 at their London Store. You could also visit their website at martinmargiela.ln-cc.com/ for the latest items and many of the other outfits. Shoud you find any of the items that you would like to have more information, you could just email your enquiry to enquiries@ln-cc.com.

At Martin Margiela, you can rest assure that the quality of their products is guaranteed.  So make your appointment now to have an exclusive shopping experience.