Thursday 30 July 2015

Thrifty Dinner

  Our girls have had their early dinner before their school activity yesterday evening.  They were not as hungry after the activity.  We decided to have lighter meal.  The place that we could think of is the nearby Indian shop.  

We shared this plate of meehoon which I ordered for myself.  My girl politely asked whether she could try some, at the end they helped me to polished it off....I ordered strictly non spicy knowing very well that my girls will want to eat as well.
Our main meal, Roti Canai kosong for each of us 
One coconut water for refreshment but my kids prefer 100+ after their exercise.

Total bill RM22.00 for end of month budget.

Wednesday 29 July 2015

McDonald Happy Meal Hello Kitty toy

I have missed the first week of the new release of the McDonald Happy Meal Hello Kitty toy.  Happened to have lunch at McDonald on last Thursday, 23rd July 2015, the first Hello Kitty Birthday Party Fun toy has been sold out and over.  I only managed to purchase the Hello Kitty Birthday Balloon toy.  As for the boys and fans of Thomas & Friends, there are toys to add to your collections as well.
16 July - 12 August 2015 Happy Meal Toy
I only noticed last night that there is a Colouring Contest that comes with it, the prizes are pretty  attractive.  I will try to ask my daughters whether they are interested to join the contest.  This is the snapshot from my computer screen using my phone. please visit McDonald website for the terms & conditions.

Tuesday 28 July 2015

Lunch on office desk

Munching lunch on office desk is a norm for me.  There are limited choice of eatery around my office, I usually bring ready packed food from home or buy some bread or buns before I come to the office.  I will have rice for lunch once in a while. Not for diet purpose but for convenience.  Lunch time is time to take a break and surf the net.  
Yesterday's lunch, not as healthy but will keep me full till dinner time.

Monday 27 July 2015

Sales at Popular Book Store

There are a selection of books on sale at Popular Book Store now.  At RM10.00 per book is a very good bargain.  After ran through the books displayed on Sales, they are mostly novels,  Luckily I am not a novel reader, I will definitely buy half a dozen of them if I love to read novels and all my house works will come to a halt for me to finish reading them.

I always want to read the biography of notable and successful people.  There are a handful of these books on the shelves but they are not on discount sales.  
It is interesting to know the life journey of these world's successful notable people, their ups and downs in life hopefully will somehow give us some inspirations to excel in our own endeavors.  

I did not buy any books from this visit.  My better half has chosen these 2 books : "101 Econimics" @ 25% off, Discounted price is RM27.67 and "Buy High Sell Higher" for RM10.00 for he would like to know more about Forex and he wants me to read more about stock market.  
I wonder how many small traders can make money from Forex and stock market??  Big Question Marks here --> ????

Saturday 25 July 2015

Blissful morning walk

Woken up by the heavy rain at 4.40am, alarm rings at 5.25am..only managed to drag myself up from bed when my girl asked me to get up to send her to school.

"Are we going for a walk?", "think so" reluctantly I replied my better half. After sending our girls to school, we went to the nearby park to have a walk and get some fresh oxygen after the rain.  There is no chance for me to have any exercise during working days.  My jobs rely heavily on computer, therefore I got to sit down less walking in the office.

Wouldn't want to push myself to hard, I did only 3 rounds of brisk walking on the track in the park. The air is fresh after the rain.  Lazy at first but blissful after the walk.  The surrounding I have captured: 
water drops on the leave after the rain
children's playground in the park
concrete chair for resting
walking/jogging track

the steps

bright red hibiscus
Breakfast after the walk.  Mee tauhu Tawau style (plain fried mee with a bowl of fried taufu and taufu pok).  Not to my liking, but compensated with a glass of thick kopi kahwin.

Wednesday 22 July 2015

All time favourite Roti kahwin

This is the all time favourite for the locals here.  Some kopitiams serve this roti kahwin from morning till night.  Soft bread sandwiched with generous layers of kaya (coconut pandan jam) and cold butter.  Best serve with milk tea or coffee. I could finish two servings at one go.

Thursday 16 July 2015

Carrot Cheese Cake

Everyone is on Raya holiday mood.  No morning rush to school as schools are on holiday too.  Expecting the road traffic leading to my office is less congested and easier to find parking, I took my time to have breakfast at home this morning.
The carrot cheese cake baked by SIL for Clet's birthday is simply yummy, I had a slice of that with a mug of teh C.
Selamat Hari Raya to all Malaysians.