Thursday 23 March 2023

Shopping for shoes

It's not easy to find a suitable shoes, I usually have to try numerous pairs of shoes before buying a pair and most of the times ended up not buying any.  It's even tougher to buy shoes for someone else.  

It was around Christmas time last year, there were parties to attend.  I have to shop for a pair of heeled shoes for my eldest who doesn't like to go shopping.  
After much nagging, she finally showed me a picture of the kind of shoes she prefers.
I whatsapp pictures of similar kind of shoes to her at the shop to let her choose

I even have to put the shoe on me for her to see whether it's ok.
She is ok with this pattern so I bought 2 sizes bigger for her.  But when she tried them on at home, they were too small for her (OMG!!)..At the end she has to come along to change to other pattern because stock has run out for the pattern I bought for her earlier. 

She only used them twice to the parties last year then safe keeping in the shoe racks until now.


  1. I Like those heels. easier to walk in than the pointy ones. I used to have a hard time finding shoes for my daughter too. Now she's grown and it's her problem. :)

  2. I like shoes with thick sturdy heels like that ones in your photos. So thoughtful and nice of you to buy shoes for your daughter.


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