Sunday 5 March 2023

Sunday bakes - Carrot cupcakes

After taking a long break off from baking due to kitchen renovation. Crystal wanted to baked some little cupcakes. She agreed to help me in the baking, my better half flipped thru the recipe book and suggested us to bake the carrot cake because we have got carrots in the fridge. The ingredient called for self-raising flour but we didn't have any. Crystal suggested to ask uncle Google see whether we can replace it with cake flour. Yes, we can. Just add baking powder and salt.

We did it with some modifications from the book's ingredients by reducing the amount of sugar and oil especially.  

most of the cupcakes are in this small size with only 4 bigger size with cheddar cheese topping.  The cheese all turned brown after baking.  



  1. They are cute and look good! It was a good idea to check on a substitute for the self rising flour. I'll have to remember that.

  2. So cute your super mini cupcakes!


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