Friday 17 March 2023

Ice Cream indulgence - Cornetto Love Rose and Unicornetto

Ice cream is one thing that everyone like, irregardless of age.  

These 2 Cornetto ice cream cones were for me and my better half which I bought from the petrol station when we were out and about while our 2 girls decided to stay home having their beauty sleeps.

Among other ice cream in the freezer, I picked these 2 because I like the colours and it's easy to handle when eating ice cream cones in the car.

Sweet pastel colours ice cream.  I know they are artificial colouring,  it's ok, I only had this once so far, it was like more than 6 months ago.  


  1. Today I just received 20 Cornetto love rose ice creams that I bought using shopee. Ya, the colouring are not good but what can I say... Eat now and regret later 😋😆

  2. They are cute! A fun way to have an ice cream treat!

  3. Rarely buy cone ice cream. I prefer those Magnum stick ice cream. But did bought Cornetto mini cone ice cream before...but long time ago.


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