Friday 7 April 2023

Home made bread by Bread Maker Machine

Bread baking is a lengthy and hard work process. It takes hours from kneading, proofing to baking. Luckily all these can be done by a Bread Maker Machine. I have put my bread maker machine aside for months due to renovation of my kitchen, and my yeast has gone bad. I am back to baking bread again after getting new packet of yeast.

My white bread turned out just the way I wanted, soft, fluffy and moist.

I have also made an Egg Bread loaf.  

There are a few more bread recipes I would like to try using the bread maker machine.  Will update from time to time.


  1. Long time didn't use my breadmaker. Bake a lot during MCO time. Now the breadmaker is collecting dust. Lol.

  2. I love to eat all sorts of bread especially wholemeal bread but I am not as diligent as you to bake your own bread. Good for you! Your bread looks tasty 😋

  3. So nice to look at the bread that you baked. Looks good. 👍


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