Thursday 31 March 2016

Vegetarian Buffet

Have heard and passed by this shop every time we dine at McDonald in Komplek Karamunsing.  I chose to try it out after we have done the auction sales at Palace Hotel yesterday.  My better half has tried it before and he was not keen to have another round of meatless meal.  He patiently waited for me to enjoy my vegetarian buffet which cost RM9.90 per person.

There are signs and notices sticking on the food counter walls reminding the customers "do not waste food".  Even without this notices, I am a natural thrifty person whom do not like the idea of wasting anything . I took bits of everything just enough for my consumption.

taufu pok and long beans curry

solid taufu
I also had half a bowl of porridge and red bean soup each which I forgot to take photos of.  I had a cup of nice coffee to finish off with my vegetarian lunch.  

Monday 28 March 2016

Crochet Sling Bag

Yay, I have finally finished my second piece of Crochet bag for my daughters.  This time I used 17 pieces of granny's squares to make this bag.  

I did most of my granny square during lunch time in the office

the pieces of granny squares are being arranged to the pattern I wanted after that
I crochet to join them up like this

measuring the lining for the bag

attaching the zipper to the lining.  I find it's more secure to have lining and zipper for the crochet bag because of the yarn materials, soft and stretchable.

the zipped lining is sewed to the main piece

front/back view
side view

the final task was to crochet the strap, a bit long for a sling bag. I did single crochet for the whole length so that it is firmer.

It is done...let's have a closer look, it can fit in a Tab 3, a right size book and some small stuff.

Youtube Slide version

Sunday 27 March 2016

Holy Saturday 2016

On Holy Saturday, the last day of Holy Week, the eve of Easter Sunday, we had steamed fish at home.  We bought a talapia for RM13.00 at the supermarket.  This dish alone is enough for the 4 of us.  Lots of tomatoes, black fungus and ginger..but we forgot one of my favourite ingredient, the lemon grass.  

Friday 25 March 2016

Good Friday

We are blessed with early morning rain on Good Friday. The weather is not as hot after the rain. It's a state public holiday here allowing us to attend mass in church.
We practice no meat on Good Friday.  We even skipped lunch today.     
We had homecooked kolo mee in the late morning..cooked by my better half.
Ingredients for dinner..
Mushrooms macaroni at our girls' request and I added on boiled carrots.
Tomatoes sardine and mushrooms fried egg
Meatless meals except fish for the day

Thursday 24 March 2016

Holy Thursday Lunch

It is Holy Thursday today.  It is the day to commemorate the Last Supper of Jesus Christ. I had simple lunch in the office (like most of the days). To our own free wills, we refrain from taking heavy meals during this Holy Week.
A couple of my office mates has gone on leave getting ready to attend church masses tonite. 

Tuesday 22 March 2016

Fined on a fine Sunday

We went to 1Borneo last Sunday.  We have got a nice parking a few steps away from the entrance.  Settled ourselves in an eatery on ground floor.  Our food came but left my better half's nasi lemak which has no sign of coming, upon checking, the kitchen said they had run out of chicken.  My hungry better half has turned angry, he was very unhappy for such a service, he paid for our food and went to other shop to find his comfort food..

my little girl's breakfast set
I chose fish meehoon soup, the taste is nice
normal fried mee, taste nice too
we also tried the cheapest beef noodle soup at one of the Vietnamese restaurant, RM2.10 (inc. GST)..the serving is very small, this bowl is just about a spoonful of a Chinese soup spoon..I will need to have 10 bowls of it to satisfy my eating capacity.

my girls spotted something different in the mall, the Korean ice cream.  The ice cream is filled at both ends of the cone.  RM10.00 per piece which is overpriced. 

By the time we leave the mall, we found our car has been locked, there's a summon on the car wind screen saying that a male driver has parked on a ladies parking bay, thus have to pay RM50.00 fine.

It has been captured on the CCTV, what is there to argue, it is the ignorant on our part to ignore the notice posted on the parking bays.  We also noticed several cars have been locked under this circumstance...I considered it as buang sial lah to pay the RM50.00 fine.

Monday 21 March 2016

Gathering with school mates

After graduated from secondary school I hardly meet up with my school mates..We had a great 30th years anniversary gathering on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year 2016 in May Flower Restaurant, the owner is also one of the alumni..School mates from various parts of the world came back for the gathering, it was a very successful and meaningful event...we also managed to raise up to RM80K of cash and building materials sponsorship for our beloved school from among our classmates.

That aside, recently a classmate came back from Canada with her lovely children, her daughter is a talented ice skater in Canada.  We had another small class gathering in school mate's home, we talked about yesteryears and have so much laughter. Children educations and upbringing, our health problems have become the famous topics among us which we had never touched on while we were in school. 

Thursday 17 March 2016

Lunch...but in different locations

Like most siblings, we communicate and share daily happenings through family group whatsapp.  These was one of those many things we shared through whatsapp yesterday, our "Lunch", what we had for lunch at different locations at almost the same time. 

Younger brother at Tawau, the West Coast of Sabah

Century egg dumpling

while I was having my humble lunch at the office desk, roti kosong with a cup of Nescafe Zero  

My youngest brother at Guangxi, China yesterday, posted a photo of his lunch there.

He also shared some photos of Guangxi where we haven't been yet.

My sister is in the USA, the time there is midnight, supper time for her not lunch..haaaa...though it's over midnight, she responded with emoticons.  Whatsapp is the way we stay connected.

Wednesday 16 March 2016

Ayam Corek / Grilled Chicken

We did not defrost anything ready to cook for dinner on Monday so buying ready dishes would be our choice, my better half thought of the ayam golek that he saw at Penampang Baru, a place not far from our house. 
We intended to buy 1/2 a chicken but ended up buying the whole chicken for RM27.00 because that would be our main dish for the night with just green vegetable (sawi) & organic cherry tomatoes as second dish.  
The chili dip that came with the Ayam Golek is super duper hot, we couldn't take it.  I dip the chicken with tomato sauce instead.  We could not finish this chicken in one meal, we had the leftover the next day.  

Tuesday 15 March 2016

Wholesale fruits market

last weekend, I followed my better half to this wholesale fruit market to buy some fruits.  Buying stuff from wholesale places are usually cheaper.  They do sell their fruits to individual with a slightly higher price than to the traders who buy in higher quantities.
Fruits are perishable goods, they have to sell fast, frequent buyers will be able to get good price from the wholesalers.
We can only find local fruits in this wholesale market.

Soursop, RM6.00 per kg.  Other place sellling RM8-9 per kg.
we bought some honeydew, there are sweet.  I took some to my classmate reunion in the evening.

Pisang Sabah, famously used for banana fritter
Will come back here for local fruits again.