Wednesday 3 October 2018

New Kitchen Appliance - Butterfly Air Fryer BAF601D

After searching around the local electrical shops and online shops, finally I am happily settled in with this Butterfly brand Air Fryer,  it is like a small oven.  If you are a person like me, looking for a way to enjoy fried / grilled food without using oil, air fryer is a solution. 

Bought this brand new Butterfly Air Fryer with a real bargain from a private online seller.  It's was only RM230.00 including postage to Sabah

We have been using it to fry/roast chicken, pork, lamb, potatoes fries.  It cooks real fast, without having oil spill all over the place (cook with no oil needed), and food taste real good and healthier.  

You may check out the video below when I unpacked the cooking accessories for this air fryer.


  1. Very good purchase. Not expensive.

    I have been thinking of getting a fryer. Trying to cut down on the oil usage.

  2. RM230 is really affordable. Is it easy to clean up after frying? Need to use oil, right?

  3. Realizing the correct appliance size can set aside you a lot of money as far as expense and vitality bills. Assistenza Amana Roma


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