Monday 15 October 2018

Domino's new branch

I believe it's Domino's first time step its foot into Sabah last month, opening its branch at a new shop lots in Bundusan right opposite Beverly Hill Plaza.

We went to try a few weeks ago.  As it's still new in town, the queues are long and basically it's self service, meaning that we have to collect our drinks and pizza after ordering.  The seats are all outside the corridor without aircon, I think there are meant for customers waiting for their take away orders.  

The taste of this cheese pizza is tasty but if you want to enjoy a cozy place to dine in with family and friends for a nice pizza meal, this is not the place, you might want to try their delivery service.  I have not tried their delivery service yet so too early to comment.   Great to have more food outlet chains venturing their businesses in this part of Malaysia to cater for the increasing demand from the tourists and locals.


  1. Heh interesting to know about the excitement over Dominos. We totally take it for granted over here.


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