Friday 26 April 2013

SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser

Wanted to try out the much talk about SK-II, I purchased a tiny trial size Facial Treatment Gentle from ebay seller at RM8.00.  This tiny little thing was delivered from Hong Kong. It took about 2 weeks to reach me.  I am glad that it didn't go missing in the post.

At first try, its fragrance is so very familiar to me. It smells like the snow brand cleansing cream that I used when I was a teenage girl.  That snow brand is no longer available in the market now or probably it has changed its packaging over the years.

Anyway,  if this SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle proves to be good on my skin, I don't mind getting a normal size tube.  

Wednesday 10 April 2013

Her name is Golden

We are very irritated by the noice made by the rats when they start running around on top of our roof. Our neighbours have caught number of rats and our dog, Lucky has also been chasing after the rats when they are within his sight.  I ever told Clet that we probably need a cat to scare those rats away.

After many weeks till yesterday, Clet brought back a little female kitten that he found in school.  Crystal told me that they put her in a box and brought it home after school to surprise me.  I didn't expect him to take my word for real.

I have a bit of resentment to see this kitten at first. Having additional pet means we will have to care for it which I don't have the extra time to do so.  First of all, we will have to toilet train this little kitten.

Golden is such a cute kitten, small but fierce. Our girls named her "Golden" because of its golden looking hair. She didn't want to eat the Whiskas Junior cat food nor the milk that we fed her last night. Occasionally I could hear it miao miao last night.  It must be hard for Golden to attempt to its new environment.

Hope Golden will do a good job to chase away all the rats. Most importantly do not poo and pee inside the house.

Admiring the little Golden
Trying to let her drinking milk
"Golden" is just an ordinary breed cat, the first cat that we rear.

Tuesday 9 April 2013

All about Pizzas

Whenever our girls crave for spaghetti carbonara, we look no further but Pizza Hut.  Spaghetti  carbonara at Pizza Hut suite their taste.  Last Wednesday at Pizza Hut, we topped up additional RM5.00 to get a stuffed crust pizza, we love those cheese.  But their staff made a mistake in our order, serving us an ordinary Island Supreme.  Due to their mistake they let us have the "wrong" pizza and order their kitchen to bake the stuffed crust pizza for us.  We were all full after having the "wrong" pizza when the stuffed crust was served.  We had a slice of it and the rest were "supposed" to take away.  

Few hours after we reached home, I realised that I did not collect the stuffed crust pizza that I asked to tapau.   While waiting to pay, Clet brought Pearl to the car. I left the shop right after I got the change from the cashier, I hurried and forgot all about the delicious cheese crust pizza.  Since I am blaming him for going to the car earlier without waiting for the tapau, Clet asked me whether we should drive to Pizza Hut to collect the pizza or not, it's already 10pm. Of course no la..!! would you??  

This whole pizza that we left at Pizza Hut.  Can you spot a different slice of pizza??

At home, my girls put together their own pizza, my plastic pearl beads become their toys.  

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Chinese Medicine

After few days of stomach upset and diarrhoea, and the intake of western medications, Crystal appeared weak, pale and having cold sweat.  For the past week even before the stomach upset and allergy problems, she took more naps  and always complained of tiredness.  She has less energy compare to her normal self and had to stop half way through her taekwando lesson last week.

We decided to bring her to a Chinese medical hall to get an advise on what sort of Chinese Herbs that is good for her to regain her health.  The Chinese medical hall introduced us a Chinese medical doctor just across the road in Foh Sang, Luyang.  

The doctor checked on her pulses and throat.  He suggested that Crystal should not drink any cold drinks, cooling tea, no chicken and eggs, no white radish (white lo pak) in her diet, for fruits, only red apple is allowed.  Here are the tablets she has to take 3 times a day 4 tablets each for 5 days.  Due to school time, we only managed to give her medicine twice a day. 

She is regaining her energy after taking the Chinese medicine.  Thank you Lord and His touch on my little girl for helping her to get well and  rejuvenate her body.  

My mum has discharged from the hospital yesterday after admitted on last Thursday due to severe vomiting and diarrhoea.  Will bring her to see this Chinese Medication Doctor for some herbs supplements.