Thursday 24 September 2015

Long distance goodies

My big sister in the U.S. sent to us some goodies for the kids and a NYX lipstick for me.  We got to share bits of everything among siblings because she shared a parcel with her in law whom sending a parcel back from the U.S.
The goodies
my girls like this Minion shape cheese biscuits
This cup of Spongebob macaroni is very cute but the taste is very much different..not to our liking, probably it is cooked through microwave.

as for the Pop Tart I sandwiched it with bread as it is too sweet to eat it on its own. 

Monday 21 September 2015

My home cooking - Green, Yellow and Purple

 My weekend home cooking.  The theme turned out to be Yellow, Purple and Green.

It is said that the orange colour (the blend of red and yellow) is one of the most appertising colours; You could notice that the big food chains tend to use the colours of red and yellow in their logos, one example is McDonald's.  I notice in my home too,  this pork & sliced potatoes cooked in saucy tomato and soy sauce looks more delectable among the other 2 dishes.
honestly speaking, I do not know how to cook eggplant.  The best I can do is to steam it and sprinkle with fried garlic and soy sauce like this one.

I always encourage my kids to eat more green vegetable.  When I am the "cook" they could expect less meaty dishes will be served..   

Friday 18 September 2015

Shrimps Tomatoes Fried Meehoon

Weekends or Public Holidays are the chance for me to try my humble cooking "skills".  We stayed at home most of the hours on Malaysia Day means meals at home.  My theory of cooking is simple and edible.  I will definitely shun away from recipes that requires many ingredients and time to prepare. I like to get the food on the table fast,  that's the reason why I could never acquire good cooking skills but I enjoy having good food @_@ 

Anyway, my 2 growing up daughters' eating portions sometimes more than the adult.  They alerted me when they are hungry, I told them that I am going to fry meehoon for lunch, my eldest suggested that it would be nice with tomato sauce, there came the idea of Shrimps Tomatoes Fried Meehoon.
Ingredients :
dried shrimps (udang kering), 
1 tomato (sliced), 
2 eggs (scrambled)
Maggi tomato sauce
2 cups of water
seasonings :salt, light soy sauce, black soy sauce

mix all together

my serving of Shrimps Tomatoes Fried Meehoon with bambangan as side dish.  My girls just have their servings without the side dish, they have yet to appreciate this local fruit because it is too sour for their liking.

Thursday 17 September 2015

Environmental Issues

There are a lot of environmental issues to consider in each and every projects planning.  A lot of debates and some may lead to legal consequences if the environmental matters are not being taken care of right from the beginning. Wisconsin enviromental consultants is where one can go to for professional advice for all your environmental matters.

We often hear there are protests around the world from group of environmental activists, their intention is good that they serve as watchdog to protect our planet.  However, they can be nuisance and hindrance for the firms to proceed with their construction as planned, some might have to put the whole project on hold for many years awaiting for the environmental issues to be resolved, time costs have been wasted as a result.  We have to recognise that environmental issues is the most important factor to consider when planning for any infrastructure developments both on land and in the sea.  It impacts the earth we live and our next generations that follow, it involves the livelihood of the people, animals, sea creatures, soil, rivers and the lovely corals, etc if there are any on the affected areas.

It is a very challenging area that needs the professional environmental engineering firms to handle. Their experienced engineers and scientists in the related field will help their clients to conduct site investigation, remediation, provide legal support, resource management as well as liaising with the relevant authorities to get everything sorted out from start till the end.  With their vast experiences dealing with environmental issues they will be able to provide solutions to tailor for their clients' individual needs.

Locally, we have the Bakun Hydroelectric Dam in the Borneo Island that have huge environment impact that have affected many of the local indigenous people.  There are still a lot of controversial going on after so many years.

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Bitter & sour lunch

Sour food seems to suit my palate well.  My Malay colleague brought us some bambangan from his home yesterday.  I usually have bread for lunch but I have made a point to having rice for lunch today because of the bambangan.   

My lunch - rice served with my favourite raw & salted bitter gourd and anchovies enhanced with a few pieces of bambangan fruit.  All raw fruit and vegetable, simple, healthier, delectable and satisfying all in one lunch for me.

Saturday 12 September 2015

Brand's Essence of chicken

UPSR exam has been done and over with.  Hope my girl has done well in her exam.  Without much time to relax, she is taking her secondary school entry exam today.  It has been a stressful week for her for sure.  To keep her concentration and energy up to tackle the exams, we gave her Brand's essence of chicken in the morning.  She did not like the taste of it but I told her that it has been proven useful for me whenever I participated in cross country run competitions during my school years..the story cut short here because it was years ago.

Brand's essence of chicken has been in existence in Asia since 1920s.  Our grandparents, parents have been consuming it as health supplement, up until our generations, Brand's is still in the market with extended range of products like, bird's nest, herbal, fruit base and Innershine.  They have also improved the bottle cap with triple safety feature.

Disclaimer: This above is solely my own opinions. No monetary reward is given for me to write this product review. 

Thursday 10 September 2015

Home Aquarium

Introducing our aquarium at home.  It is a home for only 3 fish at the moment.  Not any of those expensive breed.  I like gold fish but they are difficult to take care.  My better half likes arowanas but they are usually expensive and requires proper care. So ended up buying a breed that is easy to take care (I will need to ask my better half again what type of fish this is :)))

After a few months, I "noticed" that the fish have grown up a bit.  Feeding the fish is not one of my routine at home therefore I hardly put notice on them.  I told my better half that if he wants to have an aquarium he better cares for it.  We are very grateful that our little girl helps her daddy to feed the fish from time to time.

According to Feng Shui, placing an aquarium at the right place at home will bring good chi and good luck, so far none yet, probably our aquarium is not placed at the auspicious location in the house.  Any advice from Feng Shui savvy ?? :DD  

Wednesday 9 September 2015

INDOCAFÉ free storage container

Though I have more than enough storage / food containers at home, I still can't resist to add some more containers that comes free with purchases.  I found this Indocafe's container in the hypermarket last week, the quality is good and of good size.  It is free with purchase of 30 sachets of Indocafe coffeemix. 

when I was in dilemma in choosing which colour I should take, my better half reminded me that most of my Tupperware at home is red in colour, to have a more uniform colour theme, I picked the red one over the rest of the colours, as I can remember there are brown, green and yellow covers.
INDOCAFE logo on the cover
30 sachets INDOCAFE in the container
the containers can be stacked up nicely

Would you change brand because of free goodies?

Monday 7 September 2015

Cempedak 尖不辣, the ugly cousin of jackfruit

We bought 2 small size Cempedak fruit for RM5.00 from a friend.  This fruit smell really nice too.  To avoid the "latex" sticking around when opening it, we use some cooking oil to rub around the knife and the hands before cutting open the whole fruit.
the fruits are all perfect without fruit worms
A full container from 2 cempedak fruits.  We just eat them as it is, I am too lazy to cook them with batter like most people do.  I prefer jackfruit more than Cempedak, because I find chewing cempedak is a tiring matter for me..*strange but true*

Saturday 5 September 2015

Weekend Breakfast 猪杂粉面

 We supposed to have a morning walk at the park this morning but ended up having hearty breakfast at this coffee shop situated at Lintas Square. 
My better half ordered this mixed pork stuffs konlou mee 猪杂面.  He always shares with me everything he eats, I got to taste a bit of the pork and the mee, very tasty.

I always go for meehoon soup.  I am a bit disappointed with this serving, it looks so plain, don't you think so?  At least add some green vegetable or shallots/spring onions to it.  The soup is tasty and the meatball with squid is my favourite but I still need those greens.    

Wednesday 2 September 2015

Mount Kinabalu Re-open to climbers in September 2015

After near 3 months of closure to repair the mountain trails caused by the magnitude of 5.9 earthquake on 5 June 2015,  finally Mount Kinabalu of Sabah, North Borneo is now opened for climbers starting from 1st September 2015 amidst a mild quake struck Ranau on the very same day.  Climbers can climb up to Laban Rata via Timpohon trial.

The summit trial to the Low's Peak is expected to open by December 2015.
A photo from my brother with his tour coach at the fore ground and a nice and clear view of Mount Kinabalu as background.