Thursday 10 September 2015

Home Aquarium

Introducing our aquarium at home.  It is a home for only 3 fish at the moment.  Not any of those expensive breed.  I like gold fish but they are difficult to take care.  My better half likes arowanas but they are usually expensive and requires proper care. So ended up buying a breed that is easy to take care (I will need to ask my better half again what type of fish this is :)))

After a few months, I "noticed" that the fish have grown up a bit.  Feeding the fish is not one of my routine at home therefore I hardly put notice on them.  I told my better half that if he wants to have an aquarium he better cares for it.  We are very grateful that our little girl helps her daddy to feed the fish from time to time.

According to Feng Shui, placing an aquarium at the right place at home will bring good chi and good luck, so far none yet, probably our aquarium is not placed at the auspicious location in the house.  Any advice from Feng Shui savvy ?? :DD  


  1. Nice. I prefer few fishes as too many would congested the aquarium. And I hate when it comes to cleaning and changing water. Used to do it when I were young. Haha.

  2. Rose, I agree with you on the cleaning part, that's why I told my hubby that he has to care for it..:D


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