Friday 18 September 2015

Shrimps Tomatoes Fried Meehoon

Weekends or Public Holidays are the chance for me to try my humble cooking "skills".  We stayed at home most of the hours on Malaysia Day means meals at home.  My theory of cooking is simple and edible.  I will definitely shun away from recipes that requires many ingredients and time to prepare. I like to get the food on the table fast,  that's the reason why I could never acquire good cooking skills but I enjoy having good food @_@ 

Anyway, my 2 growing up daughters' eating portions sometimes more than the adult.  They alerted me when they are hungry, I told them that I am going to fry meehoon for lunch, my eldest suggested that it would be nice with tomato sauce, there came the idea of Shrimps Tomatoes Fried Meehoon.
Ingredients :
dried shrimps (udang kering), 
1 tomato (sliced), 
2 eggs (scrambled)
Maggi tomato sauce
2 cups of water
seasonings :salt, light soy sauce, black soy sauce

mix all together

my serving of Shrimps Tomatoes Fried Meehoon with bambangan as side dish.  My girls just have their servings without the side dish, they have yet to appreciate this local fruit because it is too sour for their liking.


  1. I usually add dried shrimp and egg with shredded cabbage to my mee hoon. Never add tomato before. Like my fried mee hoon to be saltier. Yours look good.

  2. I love a good tomato fried meehoon and yours look delicious. :D


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