Friday 27 April 2018

Figs varieties Col De Dame Negra (CDDN), Bight Dame (BD), Purple Jordan (PJ)

3 types of figs we plucked from our home garden 2 days ago.  The best ever among many of the figs we have planted.  

Tuesday 10 April 2018

Lunch on a working day

I usually prepacked my lunch to the office.  There are seriously lack of places to have food in the Plaza that I work and I am not willing to go under the hot sun and cross the busy road just to find lunch and come back to the office with sweat to continue my another half day of work in the office.

On  the days that I do not prepack my lunch, I would go to find food at the staircase stall (this stall is literally under the staircase with slanting roof just on top of their heads), it is operated by a pakcik, I guest the rental is very minimal.  But the stall was closed.  Another eatery shop nearby was also closed.  I ended up at 7-Eleven to find my lunch and settled with these buns (RM3.90 in total) with a mug of Min Kaffe.

Vanilla filling bun from Gardenia
Jagung Sweetcorn filling from Gardenia

 Can't really see the sweetcorn filling paste in the bun because its colour is similar to the bun.  Very sweet.

Red Beans paste filling from BTC Bakery
The red bean paste filling is just alright, prefer it to be less sweet too.

I couldn't take in the vanilla bun anymore after finishing the red beans and sweetcorn buns.  I took home and stored in the fridge and I totally forgotten about it over the weekend.  Got to check on its expiry date when I get home this evening.

Thursday 5 April 2018

Purchase Books online from Bookurve

After a few visits to the local bookstores to look for books related to swiftlet with no avail.  I suggested to my better half that we could actually try to find online.  I came across this site called Bookurve, we found a few books on the topic of swiftlet but they are not quite the type of contents we are looking for.  Since I was browsing through the collection of books for sell on Bookurve, I found a  couple of books (in fact more and I have put them on my wish list) which I like from Bookurve.  I bought 2 books and get 1 book for free (randomly chosen by Bookurve) and came with 2 free book marks too.  I have also earned 30 points (RM3.00) through this purchases, the points can be redeemed towards my next purchase.

The books arrived after about 2 weeks, these books that I bought were not on ready stock.  They have to order them from overseas then poslaju to me thus took a longer time.  
A big word of Bible on the book title..please don't be deceived by its title, it is not the Holy Bible that I already have.  This book is about Cryptocurrency by Alan T. Norman.  Priced at RM54.00.    Bought this book for me to get to know more about this emerging currency.

The 2nd book which I really like is on sewing and coincidentally it is another Bible on the title.  Price is RM126.00

 Enclosed with this book is a sewing pattern.  I have not used it yet, hope the pattern will help me in my next sewing project, a tunic blouse or dress.
 Meantime, I put my tunic bible in my sewing accessories box till I have got the right material and time to start sewing.

With buy 2 free 1 promotion, this novel was picked randomly by Bookurve for me.  I like the cover design of this book though.
I do not read novel and it is not my daughters' preference so I just to have to find a place on the book shelf to keep this book for now.  Will read it when I am retired from work. 

I am happy with my purchase experience with Bookurve.  The whatsapp communications has made the whole transaction pleasant and smooth.  I have also taken up a book reading challenge of reading 4 books this year hope I can fulfill it.

{Note : This is not a paid post, this is merely my personal online books purchasing experience with Bookurve.} 

Wednesday 4 April 2018

Fresh Figs from garden to table

After about 2 years of planting fig trees, I have collected up to 20 varieties of fig trees in my house compound.  We have sold some of the small fig trees which we did air layered from our existing trees.  

We have not been able to sale our figs just yet as the figs that we harvested are just about enough for our own consumption probably because we let them grow organic way, we only fertilise our trees once in a while with organic fertiliser, no green house nor spraying chemical.  We have also lost many of our beautiful half ripen figs to the birds all the time, many figs stop growing half way through and countless of them got spoiled by fruits intruders.

We always get very excited when we see our figs fully ripen on the trees and make it to our table.  This week alone we are able to pluck up to 10 different sizes and varieties of figs, we gave away 3 to my sister in law who is trying to grow figs in pots as well.

sending them to my sister in law

enjoying some at home 
Me in action plucking the figs, weighing them and serving them as dessert

Monday 2 April 2018

Bacon Cheese Burger at Burger King

In comparison, meals at Burger King are slightly more expensive than other fast food chain.  We are more frequent to McD because they have more outlets than BK.  We do have our favourite choices at BK thus we returned for more at their Imago outlet.  My favourite is the mushroom burger but I did not see it on the display board that day.  I must have skipped it when I saw black pepper mushrooms burger, I do not like my burger to be hot and spicy.   
 Cheesy French Fries 
 the size of the french fries are bigger and real potatoes at every bites 
 A typical hamburger with slices of onion and cheese sandwiched in the burger just enough for a light meal.
 A double cheese burger
Bacon Cheese Burger is the one we came for.  My better half and my youngest simply love this burger.  

Sunday 1 April 2018

A School Holiday Saturday

On the one week school holiday, instead of letting our girls to have their beauty sleep on Saturday, we woke them up to accompany us to the tamu (open air market) at Giant Kolombong parking lots. The only things that made them willing to follow us are the puppies and cats for sale at the tamu.  We bought our puppies there too some 3 years ago.  

Before going round the tamu, we had our breakfast on the 1st floor food court. Our breakfast preferences were different that day, we walked stall by stall to choose our food and ended up with these on our table.
 Watan Hor
 yes my girl chose chicken rice for her breakfast
my signature breakfast, the meehoon soup.  I was happy to be given 6 different types of stuffed vegetable as toppings.

the name of the food court is Anjung Selera.  This food court had survived, plentiful of food to choose from and air-conditioned.  A few stalls only start their businesses around noon time.  Besides the choices of food, another thing I like about this food court is its high roofing, there is no cooking smell "stick" on our clothing or hair when we walk out of this food court.

With full tummy we can have a more relax and enjoyable shopping at the tamu for fresh local produces for the week.