Wednesday 28 February 2018

I am licenced now

Status upgraded. We have awarded our obedient dog with the licence he deserved in his year, the Dog year.  Skittles, a name given to him by our daughters, with no complaint of wearing additional weight and metal knocking sound on his neck, unlike some of the dogs, they will try every means and strength to remove the necklace.
He is happy and we are relieved that the authority will not capture him when he is out and about in our neighbourhood.  Skittles is a very homely dog, who does not like to hang out much, he will make noise to ask us to open the gate for him if we happen to lock him out.  
We just need to give him a mutual "come back" signal, he will run as fast as he could to be back into the house compound before the gate is closed.  
He has got a sister "Jumper" who likes to jump, there goes her name.  We keep her at the back to guard the backyard.  Both of them are short and intelligent though they do not belong to the premium breeds.  He is always the first one to greet me when I come home from work, he must have recognised my car engine sound already.  

Monday 26 February 2018

Finally..on Cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin

Without realising I have been left behind from reaping the earning from the soaring prices of the cryptocurrency - Bitcoin. 

My eyes, mind and ears are closed for any online investments feared from gotten Scam on my hard earned money.   Those who took the risks and invested in bitcoins have became wealthier (if not millionaires).  

After watching several videos on youtube, I am convinced that the growth of Bitcoin is unstoppable, Cryptocurrency is the future currency.  The price of 1 Bitcoin is around USD10,794.63 according to Blockchain at the time of this post. 

With such a high price per BTC, it is not affordable to many.  But there are plateforms which allow investors to buy Bitcoin (and other Altcoins) at a fraction, one of those is Remitano, here we could buy and sell fractions of Bitcoins, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash from peer to peer.  There are a lot of satisfied buyers left good comments on their website.