Monday 12 June 2017

Baking fever

The one thing I hated most about baking is to measure the ingredients, I always avoid attempting any baking project with too many ingredients.  

After gotten sick baking few batches of Chinese New Year's cookies many years ago.  I put away all my baking tools and utensils into the store.  I have forgotten where I have kept some of the baking stuff.

My baking fever back again a little after seeing my friend and his wife whom were a home baking many years back have now become very successful bakers in town, my friend told me that he is very happy and enjoys in what he is doing.  I am convinced that when you love to do something, you will do it passionately and produce that best.  I think that's their success formula.

One the other hand, to satisfy my baking urge, I bought a packet of Nona's muffin premix to bake some muffins at home.  Besides filling the muffin cups too full, everything went well.

presenting my chocolate muffins cupcakes

 the process of baking the chocolate muffins