Tuesday 31 January 2017

The Eve of Chinese Lunar Year 2017

As usual we had our reunion dinner with my parents at my brother's house. It's a small reunion as both of my brothers are in tourism line, it's the peak season with lots of Chinese tourists this time of the year. Leaving my youngest brother & family joining for the dinner.

simply food...blessed reunion and happy tummies to welcome a brand new year of fire Rooster..

**just for laugh, my mum was born in the year of Rooster, she told us that she will not cook and eat chicken for the reunion dinner, why ? she said  how come one cook and eat chicken while herself is a Rooster..😄😄😄**


Thursday 26 January 2017

Our Chef Wedding Reception

The wedding reception was at 6.30pm last Saturday. While waiting for the rest of my colleagues to arrive, I seated at the lobby area just in front of the big Chinese New Year flowers arrangement. I like it very much. I also noticed that there are a lot of Chinese tourists in this hotel, hope they enjoy their stay in Sabah.

This the flower display taken from where I was sitting.

This time I did not take the photos of the food served, only photos with my colleagues.  The groom is a head chef in one of our Company's resorts.  It is his turn to be served for his wedding reception in down town hotel, usually he is the one who head the resort's kitchen for the guests' wedding receptions.
Lovely newly wed couple, wishing them a happy and long lasting marriage.

Tuesday 24 January 2017

Relieving Cough and Flu

We were down with cough and flu in the beginning of this month. We will try to heal ourselves with natural remedies first if all that we have done have no effect, we will then visit the doctor. 

I am glad that with some natural home remedies, my girls have got well, but both of us old folks started to get the virus after that. The cough and flu have disturbed our daily activities and night sleeps.  Unfortunately with my busy workloads, I could not take any leave off from work. My better half came home one day and told me about a natural remedies that his friend asked him to try. It is said to be able to relieve cough and flu. With me sniffing away with my flu, I tried the steam orange recipe. We had the steamed oranges 2 consecutive nights, it does help to relieve chesty coughs thus reducing the coughing at night but it is not a cure to stop the coughs, coughing is hard to heal, especially to me whom has asthma problem. Here's how the steamed oranges is prepared.

I have to say that the steamed oranges is delicious and I do not mind having it as a dessert.

Monday 23 January 2017

Before we say goodbye to the year of Monkey

We always get unwell around this time of the year.  I always blame it to the cold wind from the North which I find a bit chiller than normal.  We drove to a housing area where my better half has been to have his cupping therapy from a taichi master.  It was my first time accompanying him there, I was turned of with the condition of the place which my better half mentioned it was not like that before. Though the place is in such a bad condition,  the massage business is so good, to not waste time having to queue for the service, we decided to look for other place. 

Before we drove away from this area, we had to stop to capture this scene, check out this video and you will know what I meant about this place. 

Love the monkeys but not this way.  Soon we will have to say good bye to the Monkey year and welcome the Rooster.  Wish it's going to be a good year for all.

Friday 20 January 2017

Wedding Anniversary Dinner

This month this year, we are into 16 years of marriage, a lot of ups and downs, happiness and disappointments, arguments and forgiveness. We are blessed with 2 precious daughters with our Lord God in the centre of family, there is nothing else I could ask except for His continuous Blessings for Good health, lots of Love, happiness and safety for all of us in our family. 

Celebration must have good food. With 2 additional voices and opinions, we came to a consensus to have our anniversary dinner at Grill'z Kitchen. This is one of the only few restaurants that served pork in their menus. 

If you happen to be in KK, you could try Grill'z Kitchen at :

Lot 3 & 3A, 1st Floor, Block A,
Kepayan Point, Jalan Penampang By-pass,
88200 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah,
Tel : 088 701300

Wednesday 18 January 2017

Harvesting our Taiwan Golden Fig

After into 8 months of planting our first fig tree since May 2016 (my earlier post), we finally got to harvest some decent size figs from our Taiwan Golden Fig (TGF) tree. TGF is not an expensive variety among all of the fig trees, but it is a very popular variety for the fig planters. The size of the fig is medium and the taste is reasonably good. We are so happy to "harvest" the figs after weeks of waiting for them to ripe, one after another. By the way, it only produced 4 fruits this time round. Let's come see our little "harvest".

We always cut the fig into 4 equal pieces so that everyone of us in the house have a share of it, even for the smallest tiny fig, because each variety has got its distinct texture and taste.

Friday 6 January 2017

Return Day Trip From Kota Kinabalu To Labuan

This video was taken by my better half when he took a day trip to Labuan last week.  He did not bring us round the territory because it was a rush business day trip.  Most part of the video here is the ferry boat ride and the terminal.  For friends who have not been to Labuan using ferry or speed boat ride, this is for you.

Wednesday 4 January 2017

Rainbow Cake and Christmas cookies at Hyatt Regency Kota Kinabalu

It happened when we were looking for my birthday last month, we wanted to get a small yet yummy cake just for a little birthday celebration (Thanks SIL for spending the cake). Riding around the city centre and stopped by Hyatt newly renovated road side cafe. To our surprise, take out cake slices are 50% cheaper than eating in. With no hesitation, we decided to take out 1 cheese cake and a slice of rainbow cake and chocolate moist cake each. It was near Christmas time, they were also selling Christmas cookies and fruit cakes, full of Christmas atmosphere, that's why I say I just love December

This video is for your viewing pleasure with the cake we bought :