Saturday 31 December 2016

December is my favourite month of the year

December is my favourite month, because there are celebrations throughout the whole of December, starting from my birthday, children's school holiday, my mum's birthday, winter solstice, Christmas and closely follow by New Year's Eve and a brand new year.
Desserts & cakes at Promenade Hotel 

When we talk about celebrations and gathering, there must have food, adding a few pounds or kg on our belly is unavoidable in December month alone.  It's the last day of the year, we have worked hard and stressed out for the whole year, let's relax and enjoy more good food with our families and friends on the new year 's eve and welcome a superb year of 2017 for all of us.


  1. Happy new year to you. I love December too for the obvious reson. Lol.

  2. Dec is my favourite month too, Agnes! Happy New Year! xoxo

  3. Wishing you a blessed 2017, Agnes! December is my favourite month too, followed by January until Chinese New Year. Belated Birthday greetings to you as well.


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