Monday 19 December 2011

For the Longans and Tangerines

All because of the fault of a dog chasing after a cat. It is a usual thing that our neighbour's dog chases after their own cat. The cat will jump, run for its life and hides under the car, the dog will keep barking and find its way to get the cat.

This usual dog and cat chasing scene has turned out to be a little disaster when the dog ran on the drying cement in front of our car porch.  The renovation work is in progress to enlarge entrance and fix the gate for our house.  As you can see the naughty dog has left his many foot prints.  

Our neighbour felt bad about what their naughty dog has done.  They sent over some longans and tangerines over to us to apologise despite we told them earlier that it is not a problem we could touch it up again the next day.  

Since they are sincere in sending their apology, it is hard for us to refuse their gift of apology.  I can tell you those longans are sweet and juicy, Crystal loves the mini tangerines, I have to stop her from eating too many for reason being that too many will cause one to cough.

Roasted Turkey for Christmas

Christmas is here in less than a week time. Time flies so fast and so many things to handle that I find myself haven't got time to get things done for Christmas this year. I am still deciding on what presents to get for the kids, Clet is busy with our front gate renovation, so he hasn't got the time to spare on the Christmas presents this year, luckily I have got crystal to help me on getting some girl's accessories done as gifts, yes, she handmade them, I helped her on the beginning and finishing touches (will post it in my next post).

Christmas is not complete without some kind of feast in the celebration. Some may think having turkey is a must in the Christmas menu. If you have no plan to roast your own turkey (which is a lot of work and know hows). Here are 2 places you could order a cooked/ roasted turkey in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Borneo Turkey is where you could order a cheaper organic turkey, the cheapest is RM120.00 for a 3kg roasted organic turkey with free side salads. My colleague has ordered it last year, she is thinking of ordering it again this year.

Friday 16 December 2011

Christmas Carolling

We have been busy for the last 2 weeks or so. Our girls started their carolling after we had a short trip to Tawau. They were having fun going house to house sending the good news on the second coming of Jesus Christ. This is the first time they joined the Kids of the Kingdom's carolling group. This is the youngest carollers from our church, kid age as young as 3 years to 9 years, parents are advised to accompany them during the 4 days of carolling. Inevitably we as parents join in as part of the carollers as well. The kids are so very excited when receiving goodies, food & drinks at the church members' houses that we visited.

Crystal continues to join the elder group of the Children Liturgy's carolers this week. It's our turn to welcome them to our home on Wednesday. I bought some chocolate biscuits and packet drinks as goodies for them to bring back.

As carollers, our girls brought back bags and bags of goodies. Now our home are filled with goodies, pray and hope that with God's Blessing, our coming new years will be sweeter than previous years. It's truly an experience for Crystal and Pearl this Christmas for joining the carolling.

Thursday 1 December 2011

Lighting Fixtures

I always like the coziness of the hotels' room, of course I mean those with at least 3 stars hotels. I realise that it is because of the effect of the lighting fixtures, and the type of lights that the hotels choose to use in their rooms.

Some of the lights that they used are very simple not those fancy types but yet able to give their guests the welcoming and coziness effect. The lighting fixtures are just at the right place. Usually there is a lamp shade by the bed side, down lights at the door way, small lamp just right on top of the dressing mirror, and of course one in the wash room. I realise that they use dim lamps and bulbs to achieve the warm effect which we can also do the same for our home.

As I do not have bed side lamps yet, to have them would sure lift up the warm and coziness for my bedroom. As for my front porch, I would like to fix an antique outdoor wall light, that will give a total make over look from outside.

Wednesday 30 November 2011

The Macarons has arrived!!

I would like to say a big "thank you" to InspiredMom who recently organised a free giveaway contest at her blog. I am very overwhelmed to the fact that I was the winner in this contest. when I first saw the contest, I told myself that I want to have those Macarons and I followed through with what are the requirements to be a winner, and I did it!!!

I have won a pack of 12 pieces petit Macarons in assortment of six flavours, that is Cafe, Pistache, Framboise, Chocolate, Vanilla, Citron. I received it this afternoon, just a day it was sent by courier, it was securely packed, I received this box of Macarons without damaged. Perfect!!

I have heard and seen so much about Macarons in website advertisement, recipe and food websites, blogs and magazines, honestly speaking, I have never tried the Macarons before. For one they are consider luxurious treats and secondly, hardly find shops selling them in where I live.

Blogging can be rewarding. I earn some extra money through sponsored posts and most importantly I earn friendships through blogging.

Into the Fifth day of Detox and Rejuvenation Program

Just an update on how I am doing with my annual Detoxification and Rejuvenation Program (DRP).

I am now into my fifth day of Detoxification & Rejuvenation Program (DRP) today, I decided to do just 5 days this time, that means today is the last day of my Detox. One would ask whether I feel any difference after the fifth day of strict fruits & vegetable diet supplemented with vitamins in the package. I would say YES. I feel much lighter, not only slimmer, I also feel much relieve on the neck strain and headache problem that I have been suffering all this while, and I wake up more refreshing even with lesser hours of sleep.

I am more at ease in following this program as compare to last year (which I completed the course of 7 days). Probably I know what to do and what to expect in this time round.

Do I crave for food?? YES, definitely, but my will power is strong enough to resist those food placed in front of me while having dinners together with my family for the last 4 days. Craving for food is always the biggest challenge in carrying out the DRP.

If you have gone through a strict diet like what I do, I am sure you will crave for your favourite food. I can tell you that there is one food that I crave the most in these 5 days. I have told my hubby and he will bring me there after I am done with my DRP, hopefully tomorrow.

I am really craving for this Fish Soup with Rice Vermicelli that I used to have for breakfast at one of the famous eatery in town.

Let me show you what I really craving to have….

Is this mixed fish meat and fish balls soup with rice vermicelli, dip with the mixture of light soy sauce, chillie padi and calamansi juice. Yummy…I am droolling now!!!!

This is the coffee shop in Bandaran Berjaya, Kota Kinabalu, famous for its Mixed Fish Soup

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Thursday 24 November 2011

Baby Micole's Full Moon Party

My ex-colleague, Doris, invited us to join them to celebrate their new born baby girl, Micole's full moon party on 20th November.
We have not been seeing each other ever since I resigned from the Stockbroking firm 4 years ago. I am really glad that she included me and my family in her invitees' list. She is as pretty as ever, only put on a little inches after giving birth.

I also managed to catch up with my other ex colleagues, Vivien, June and Lesley in the party. Only in a party like this we are able to meet up with old time mates. As we are all having kids with the same age groups, our topics for the night were mostly about the affairs & happening around our kids, especially 3 of our kids are going to Primary one next year but at a different schools in town.

Vivian and me (at the back), baby Micole and her pround mummy, Doris

Crystal and Pearl meeting little baby Micole

Tuesday 22 November 2011

At the Kitchen Boulevard Restaurant

Since it is still lunch hour. It's a good time to blog something about food.

My colleague introduced to us, the Kitchen Boulevard Restaurant, with this leaflet. This restaurant is belongs to her friend, she has been there many times, she finds the food is good and the price is also reasonable.

Me, as a food lover, who really like to eat, went to have a try on one of the Friday. We were the first customers for that evening, it was raining and was only about 6pm. It is not a big restaurant, very cosy with wifi, there is an upper deck with sofa and dinner table for small private gathering purpose.
playing games on the computer mounted next to the dining table. Good to have it as business presentation to 3 -4 persons.
the settee at the upper deck

View of the restaurant from the upper deck

These were what we ordered from the menu, I did not take the photo of the brownie as I was busy eating when it is served.

the salad, my favourite :D

Our girls' favourite, Carbonara spaghetti

This of course is Clet's order, the lamb. He gave a thumb up for this.

The Kitchen Boulevard is located at :

Lot No.6, Ground Floor, Block E,
88 Market Place, Lorong Pusat Komersil,
88/2 Jalan Pintas, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Tel: 088 253788

Monday 21 November 2011

Show case of flowers & plants

On once fine Sunday many weeks ago, we headed to Gaya Street to look for plants.

The Moss Roses or 9 O'clock flowers are the ones that I was looking for, cheap and easy to grow, so long as there are water and sunshine. I managed to buy these bundles of mix colours Moss Roses for RM1-RM3 (USD0.32 - USD0.99) per bundle.
Just plant them in a pot with good soil

The Moss Roses will grow easily and bloom in 1 - 2 weeks, this is what I like about these flowers, I have no time to take care of any flowers and plants. I only manage to have a glimpse of them during weekends and public holidays when I do not have to go to work. Because Moss Roses only open their beautiful petals from 9am or 10am and shy away around 3pm to 4pm, this is the time I am still at work.

These are some of the beautiful Moses Roses or 9 O'clock flowers at our front porch that I captured on one of the weekend.

and some outdoor plants which I do not know what's the name of these plants, hope you could help me out to identify their names...:D
This outdoor plants need plenty of water, no soil needed

very sharp leaves plants, I once asked my hubby whether this plant is suitable to be placed by the door, according to Feng Shui School of Taught, sharp edges items are not good for Feng Shui, what do you think???
These plants have more leaves than flowers, their leaves are of different colors, they are of same species...I think..??

Sunday 20 November 2011

Preparing for Christmas

November will soon be over, it's time to prepare for Christmas, the first thing to begin with the preparation is to put up the Christmas Trees, yes we have 2 Christmas Trees, 1 big and 1 small revolving Christmas Tree with lights.
Our girls are ever so excited to put the ornaments on the Christmas tree.

After attended our niece's abacus arithmetic competition at Suria Sabah this afternoon, we went into Metrojaya to have a look and feel the Christmas' atmosphere. They have put up a lot of very beautifully decorated Christmas trees at very departments and every aisles.

This red colour theme Christmas tree is our favourite.

Ornaments have been put up for sales, many type of colours to choose from for you to decorate according to your Christmas colour theme this year. Since we have many of our Christmas decorations which we have been keeping for many years, we did not buy any as we have already have enough.
Silver colour ornaments

The red ones

Admiring some of the beautiful ornaments

The purple ones

Ladies, the sales are on at Metrojaya in KK, some items are up to 80% discounts. I desperately needed to change my handbag, after searching through the bundle of handbags, I managed to get myself a very reasonable price handbag, it is not Coach, definitely not LV for the is only a GF (Gio Fiore), at 70% discount. Can you guess how much it is???

Free Giveaway contest by Inspired Mom!!

I have been seeing many posts and pictures on the colourful macarons on the internet lately, they look yummy but haven't got the chance to have a taste of these melt in the mouth macarons. The are very pricey.
I am happy to learn that our dear blogger friend, Inspired Mom is holding a free giveaway macarons contest at her blog. The contest is very simple, just go to her blog follow her instructions, comment on her "12 Days Skin Food Challenge *Product Review*" posts.
Skin Food's skin care products are very new to us, have not even hit the shore of East Malaysia yet, but it is coming soon. Inspired Mom is trying and reviewing these products for the 1st time, hope these products will bring a supple and youthful looking skin for her..if it is proved to be good, I want to try them also as you can see the price is very reasonable, check it out from her Day 7 - Price Revealed post.

Learning to Play Guitar

For the past 1.5 months, Crystal has been attending guitar classes at the church once a week. Pearl is able to join in the class after their daddy bought a ukulele for her from his trip to the Philippines 3 weeks ago.
Lesson in progress. Guidance by teacher

Both of them has shown some progress in their guitar playing skills after having their own guitars but still need a lot of practices before they can play smoothly. Interest in playing guitar play a major part, they seem to have the interest thus far and hope they could progress further and be good in playing guitar. I would love to see them playing their guitars and sing along soon.
Pearl seriously practicing with her ukulele

Thanks to Michael, our church member, in sacrificing his time for the free guitar lessons every week.

Friday 18 November 2011

Angry Birds Dressing up

With all the Angry Birds waves in town, I couldn't help but to buy 2 pretty angry Birds' dresses for my 2 little princesses. In fact, they never asked for any Angry Birds' goodies, not a big fan of Angry Birds as they do to Barbie and Bratz.

Though they are not a big fans of Angry Birds, because of the waves are so strong that they have received many birthday presents and gifts featuring Angry Birds.

in a hypermarket with their new Angry Birds dresses