Friday 19 May 2023

Back to school again

Been away from blogging for the past weeks. Guess what I have been occupying with? I am back to school again at this time nearing to retirement age..

After resigning from my day job for just into the 4th month, I enrolled myself to a Diploma In Real Estate Agent course which I have to attend classes thru online, I am unable to attend physical classes as I am not residing in Selangor where the institute is situated. I have also registered to sit for the 6 papers exams in September this year. Is a daring endeavour but I will try my best to pass the exams and go to the next level. So for the past weeks, I have been busy attending to the pre-recorded lectures and find time to study the notes that the institutes provided to me and do a lot of catching up because I would like to fast track my course duration.

Will find time to blog whenever I can.  

Monday 24 April 2023

Home baked bread by Pearl

Another post of home made bread. Eversince I have got the ingredients right for baking white bread using my years old bread maker machine, we do not need to buy bread from outside. My girls enjoy having the fresh soft bread sandwiches for their breakfast. Rather than just me having to bake the bread all the time, I taught Pearl to do it too. She was once putting double scoops of salt in the ingredients, the bread turned out fine but became a salty bread. With that, she learned to be more focus when handling the ingredients. This is the bread she baked. Fresh, nice and soft.

Friday 7 April 2023

Home made bread by Bread Maker Machine

Bread baking is a lengthy and hard work process. It takes hours from kneading, proofing to baking. Luckily all these can be done by a Bread Maker Machine. I have put my bread maker machine aside for months due to renovation of my kitchen, and my yeast has gone bad. I am back to baking bread again after getting new packet of yeast.

My white bread turned out just the way I wanted, soft, fluffy and moist.

I have also made an Egg Bread loaf.  

There are a few more bread recipes I would like to try using the bread maker machine.  Will update from time to time.

Sunday 2 April 2023

Happy Palm Sunday

We went to sunset mass yesterday afternoon, on the eve of Palm Sunday.  We gathered outside the church for the procession and blessing of the palms before entering the church.

We held the palms high for the blessings and waving the branches of palm as a sign to welcome Jesus into Jerusalem.  This palm of mine is cut from the palm tree at the back of our house.

It used to be at the front of our house.  As we have changed to both ways gate access, we have to move it to the back of the house.  It's time to give it a trim to remove the dried branches.

Happy Palm Sunday !!


Thursday 30 March 2023

Finally Rain Shower

Finally rain came pouring after many days of hot sunny days. We like the sun shiny days but we need some rain to cool the temperature down too.
After few hours of rain this afternoon, water started to accumulate on the part of the road where drainage is poor.  We were on the way to fetch our eldest from Uni slightly after 4pm.  Many are off from work earlier than usual working hours during the month of Ramadan.  Classes at Uni also dismiss slightly earlier.
Rain drops on my newly bloomed desert roses

on these ones too..Desert roses are the only flowering plants that I have.

Tuesday 28 March 2023

Boost Flexi Redeem BoostUp Rewards

Boost is one of the widely used cashless payment method here. They have upgraded to many features over the years. I am not sure when did they started with the Flexi Redeem program.  Users can use the Boost stars and top up some money to redeem goodies in their BoostUP Rewards listing.  

Instead of letting the stars expired, I redeemed a BYZ Silk Pattern Powerbank 20,000 mAH by using 11,880 Boost stars and RM23.00 deducted from Boost wallet.  With that I earned 46 Boost Stars as well.
After the payment in Boost, we will receive a redemption code.  We have to order the item from website by using the redemption code. The original price for this Powerbank is RM85.00 so there is a savings of RM61.00 (in this case 1 Boost Star = RM0.00513). Like any online purchase, I have to pay delivery charges, RM14.80 for this one to E.M.

I received it in less than a week.  This Powerbank is heavier than the one that I have been using (10,000 mAH), not so suitable to carry in lady's handbag. I bought this for my better half, he will put in his luggage bag whenever he goes outstation.

Monday 27 March 2023

McDonald's Rahmah Meals with upgraded drinks

After sending the eldest to Uni, we were deciding where to have breakfast, I have had a mantou at home but my better half hasn't eaten anything yet. He prefers to have his economy mee with stuffed taufu but he followed my choice to McD for Rahmah breakfast. We both opted out from the Ice Lemon Tea that come with the meals because I definitely prefer something hot in the morning, we upgraded the drinks to mocha and Teh Tarik <pulled tea> respectively with additional charges.
If you want to control your food intake, go for Rahmah meals.  They are just in the right portions and economical, healthy for your pocket and stomach (will not overeating).

We only spent RM16.30 for our breakfast with upgraded drinks.  RM1.00 (inc. SST) for a hot Teh Tarik is hard to find nowadays.

We also tapau (take away) a set of Rahmah porridge meal for our youngest who's still having her beauty sleep at home, a well deserving waking up late after a year long preparation for her SPM exams. 

Sunday 26 March 2023

How do you eat plain Croissant?

On last Friday, after my youngest got her school leaving paperwork done in school, we went to have our late breakfast at Breadboss.  It's a corner shop cafe with limited seats.  We were arranged to sit at a small table beside the counter after we have done our orders, it's not that cozy sitting there so we moved to the mezzanine floor away from the crowd. 

I ordered a mocha

and a plain croissant, I just can't resist croissant whenever I see one.  Only recently I got to know one of the best way to eat a plain croissant from TikTok. 
That is to dip it in your coffee, be it a mocha, cappuccino, or latte. Just like what we dip the yoo cha quai (Chinese Fried Cruller) in the coffee.

my youngest ordered the Teriyaki Chicken rice because that's only choice they have at about 9am.

a bit pricey for the croissant and the rice.  

on the mezzanine floor, I captured these paintings or pictures

seats on the mezzanine floor, it's a bit warm up here.

This is painted on the ceiling

looking down from the mezzanine floor, the cakes & pastries displayed by the counter

Saturday 25 March 2023

McDonald's Chicken Foldover Ramadan Istimewa

Our Muslim friends have started fasting since 3 days ago on 23rd March. McDonald's has introduced the Istimewa Ramadan Chicken and Beef Foldover, a new menu for breaking fast.  I have tried the Chicken Foldover and I really like it.  It suit my taste, I love it immediately at first bite, this time for real that the staff said it is not spicy when I asked her. I can't take food that are too hot and spicy. 

will order the Chicken Foldover again in my next visit.  Hope McDonald's will keep this in their menu.

Friday 24 March 2023

Pudding and agar-agar Mould

I finally used this jelly, pudding / agar-agar mould last week after keeping it since last year.  I bought this mould because I was attracted to some nice pudding and agar-agar photos posted in the instagram. 
My pudding + agar-agar came out good.  The top layer is wobbly pudding with more solid agar-agar as base.

This is the pudding premix I used, the texture is good.

I used Nazri brand for the yellow agar-agar base.   I reduced the sugar to more than half.  Since the pudding is sugar added premix, I do not want my dessert to be too sweet.  
It's a great help with the jelly mould, this would be one of the desserts I would do for the coming families gatherings, presentable and nice dessert.


Thursday 23 March 2023

Shopping for shoes

It's not easy to find a suitable shoes, I usually have to try numerous pairs of shoes before buying a pair and most of the times ended up not buying any.  It's even tougher to buy shoes for someone else.  

It was around Christmas time last year, there were parties to attend.  I have to shop for a pair of heeled shoes for my eldest who doesn't like to go shopping.  
After much nagging, she finally showed me a picture of the kind of shoes she prefers.
I whatsapp pictures of similar kind of shoes to her at the shop to let her choose

I even have to put the shoe on me for her to see whether it's ok.
She is ok with this pattern so I bought 2 sizes bigger for her.  But when she tried them on at home, they were too small for her (OMG!!)..At the end she has to come along to change to other pattern because stock has run out for the pattern I bought for her earlier. 

She only used them twice to the parties last year then safe keeping in the shoe racks until now.

Monday 20 March 2023

A walk at the park, finally

Have been wanting to go for a walk at the park. My procrastination is the culprit.  I finally did it this afternoon.  Crystal is required to take some photos for her uni assignment, she would like to capture some nice outdoor scenery at Perdana Park.  We arrived at the park slightly after 3pm.
I took the chance to do my walking at the jogging track. The sun was shining bright, another hot day. There are 3 jogging tracks in this park. This track is in the middle ring.
This is the inner track nearest to the pond.  There isn't any shade, I didn't want to get sun burn walking there.
The park is just next to the State Library, it's a nice architectural building with green concepts. 
One side of the park is next to Kinabalu Golf Club, a 9-holes golf course which we are a member but hardly utilise the membership's facilities.
I recorded my walk using Strava.  I did 3.35 km slow walk on the middle and outer tracks. 

You know what ? 
We adjourned to McDonald's for an early dinner after that.  I had this Ramadan Chicken Foldover and a mocha.  I will order this Chicken Foldover again. 

Friday 17 March 2023

Ice Cream indulgence - Cornetto Love Rose and Unicornetto

Ice cream is one thing that everyone like, irregardless of age.  

These 2 Cornetto ice cream cones were for me and my better half which I bought from the petrol station when we were out and about while our 2 girls decided to stay home having their beauty sleeps.

Among other ice cream in the freezer, I picked these 2 because I like the colours and it's easy to handle when eating ice cream cones in the car.

Sweet pastel colours ice cream.  I know they are artificial colouring,  it's ok, I only had this once so far, it was like more than 6 months ago.  

Thursday 16 March 2023

One night staycation near home

Sis-In-Law and her newlywed son invited us for a night staycation at Likas Square Serviced Apartment on Monday.  They have booked a 3 bedrooms Premier Suite just to chill and relax.  The check-in time is 3pm.  We went there after fetching our girl from school slightly after 5pm, she had her last SPM exam paper done that day, just right for her to unload the stress after about a month long SPM exams. We had potluck dinner with plenty of food.  I even tapau some home after the stay.

The spread of food

Me and my 2 girls occupied the master bedroom (with washroom attached).  3 of us shared a king size bed while my better half made himself comfortable sleeping on the long sofa in the living room.

This was the view from 5th floor overlooking Teluk Likas at around 6.30am.  Sabah Trade Centre is at the bottom left, the car park in front still pretty empty at this hour. Wisma Perindustrian and Bay 21 Condominium are on the left.  I am not sure what's the name of the tall building under construction.

These geometric paintings are hanging around the condo.  I couldn't figure out what these painting are about thus unable to appreciation them.  I took photos of them anyway. 

Overall it was a nice staycation spending time with family.  We were talking about  planning for another staycation soon. 

Reviews for the condo unit (my personal opinions) : It would be good if the cooking utensils can be replaced and there are water leakages in the kitchen (which made the floor slippery), showers need to be fixed for the bathrooms too.