Sunday 30 December 2007


My cough had been greatly reduced after taking the “Birdnest Chong Chau Pi Pa Dan”, a Chinese formulated tablets which can be obtained easily from local Chinese pharmacy. It is only about RM15.00 after discount at the Chinese pharmacy in Damai .

I was prescribed with four types of western medications by my doctor prior to that, i.e. antibiotic for throat infection, paracetamol for fever and muscle pain, one type of tablet for opening airway, and a cough mix. I did not find any improvement after taking them, furthermore, my heart like popping out after taking the cough mix, I was so restless that I could not even sleep though I was so tired.

Until Cletus reminded me to try the "Pi Pa Dan", I could feel the improvement after the 2nd dosage. when I take a look at the box, It says "for the treatment of acure or chronic bronchitis & bronchiectasis. Indicated also for coughs & bronchial asthma due to exposure to cold or sudden temperature changes". "Dosage : 3 pills each time, 3 times daily, to be taken with lukewarm boiled water. For pregnant woman & children to be directed by physician."

I followed that dosages and it worked on me.

The list of ingredients as stated in the box are Birdnest (3mg), Cordyceps (35mg), Radix Platycodi (15mg), Radix Glycyrrhizae (15mg), Pi Pa (20mg) & Bulbus Fritillariae Cirrhosae (15mg).

There are 36 tablets in a bottle.

Wednesday 26 December 2007


Like previous years we all spent our Christmas Eve at Rosaline & Stanley residence. We were served with roasted turkey, potatos salad, macaroni cheese (speciality from Rosaline), cheese cake, cookies, and many more delicious food and not forgetting red wine to complete our Christmas Eve's dinner. Unfortunately, I didn't have much appetite due to fever and very bad cough and flu. Cletus and Crystal enjoyed the dinner very much. Thanks to Rosalind, Stanley and Joanna for the wonderful dinner again!!
Pearl, Kathleen, Edson, Crystal & their favourite Uncle Sonny (Grandpa to Isabella)

As tradition, Nicky and Doris hosted a Christmas lunch at Teck Guan on Christmas Day. The highlight of the day is "Christmas presents giving time". Not long after lunch everyone would sit around the Christmas tree where presents are placed like a mountain. This year Uncle Sonny became the "Santa" to give away Christmas presents to everyone. The children received bags and bags of presents. Like usual Crystal couldn't wait to open hers right away.

Monday 24 December 2007


Just two days before X'mas, Cletus decided to give our X'mas decorations a whole new include snowman with plenty of "snow". The girls are giving their helping hands too...

Crystal is busy sticking the "snow"... Pearl too..

Snowman with plenty of snow

It's all done....


I have been busy putting together some flower arrangements for my catalogue/flyer. Target to finalise my catalogue/flyer before Valentine’s Day for distribution. The girls are so excited to see those beautiful flowers, can't wait to pose for photo taking. Will post some more flowers arrangements soon...

One of the arrangements


Mum turned 62 on 21st December 2007. We gathered around to have a cake cutting ceremony. Pearl enjoyed it very much even though she was down to flu that time. She positioned herself as near to the cake as possible and helped gandma blew the candles as well..oopss...fortunately no one else get the flu so far except the mommy, that's me...

Thursday 20 December 2007


Without realising Christmas is only few days away. Among all seasons, I love Christmas the most with many reasons.... Like previous years, we got to wrap up Christmas presents for those dear to us and place them under the Christmas tree. There would normally be about 30 presents to be given away and the numbers are increasing each year because of additions to the family. It's a joy to be able to give & share on this special season.
Can you see our tiny Christmas tree?? It was decorated by Crystal, Pearl and daddy. It's a so small that we have to put it on a coffee table. Crystal and Pearl love it very much and they would make sure the tree is always lighted up and turning (though it's small it has turning ability..heee..). Cyrstal is so excited that she wrapped up empty boxes with plain A4 paper and drew pictures on them as X'mas presents. I can imagine the joy of the girls receiving their presents on X'mas day. Crystal even requested her daddy to make a "house" for baby JESUS. It took a week for Cletus to finish making it with the "help" of Crystal (half playing) while Pearl was asleep (most of the time).

Tuesday 18 December 2007

Short stay at Tune in KL

Anyone stayed at Tune at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman in KL before? We stayed there during a 3-day course from 11-13 December 2007. It is only a few minutes walk to Medan Tuanku Monorail station, very convenient. It is two stations away from Wisma Genting where I attended my course. I kind of like the colour of its building, it is painted red & white, cute!! The room is cute too, pretty small I mean (the one I stayed). Guess what! We had to pay to utilise the air-conditioning (calculated base on hours) or else use the ceiling fan provided. There are no telephone nor room service. If you plan to stay at Tune Hotels, please get ready your own towels and toiletries. (Towels and toiletries are for sale at the check-in counter at reasonable prices). Don't bother to bring toilet rolls as it is provided, luckily....:).

There are cafes, internet services and ATM machine at the ground floor of the hotel. You could visit their website at for further information just like I did. If you expect to have services like 5-star hotel, then Tune Hotels is not a place for you.