Sunday 30 December 2007


My cough had been greatly reduced after taking the “Birdnest Chong Chau Pi Pa Dan”, a Chinese formulated tablets which can be obtained easily from local Chinese pharmacy. It is only about RM15.00 after discount at the Chinese pharmacy in Damai .

I was prescribed with four types of western medications by my doctor prior to that, i.e. antibiotic for throat infection, paracetamol for fever and muscle pain, one type of tablet for opening airway, and a cough mix. I did not find any improvement after taking them, furthermore, my heart like popping out after taking the cough mix, I was so restless that I could not even sleep though I was so tired.

Until Cletus reminded me to try the "Pi Pa Dan", I could feel the improvement after the 2nd dosage. when I take a look at the box, It says "for the treatment of acure or chronic bronchitis & bronchiectasis. Indicated also for coughs & bronchial asthma due to exposure to cold or sudden temperature changes". "Dosage : 3 pills each time, 3 times daily, to be taken with lukewarm boiled water. For pregnant woman & children to be directed by physician."

I followed that dosages and it worked on me.

The list of ingredients as stated in the box are Birdnest (3mg), Cordyceps (35mg), Radix Platycodi (15mg), Radix Glycyrrhizae (15mg), Pi Pa (20mg) & Bulbus Fritillariae Cirrhosae (15mg).

There are 36 tablets in a bottle.


  1. Hmmm...I must keep this med in mind if the meds that my doctor gave me this morning don't work..thanks for the great info! :)

  2. hi, I also know this product is good and our family have been relying at it for long time if anyone is having sore throat and coughing... but the problem is, it is running out of stock in Kuching. how abt that in Sabah? is it easily available?

    btw, I was looking for the distributor for this product on the web, that's how i found your blog... but i find no clue about this distributor Tye Hin Medical Enterprise, actually I would like to check with them who else in Kuching is selling their products..

    and also, I noticed that there is another similar product with the almost 100% same packaging, except that it is not a plastic bottle and doesn't have an "original" sticker on the box as well, somehow we feel that it is not that effective when one taking it.. so be careful..

  3. Hi shadan
    The Pi Pa Dan can easily be bought at any Chinese medical halls in Kota Kinabalu. I just bought one yesterday thinking of giving a small dosage to my daughter but she did not like the taste. My dad and sis in law have good experience on these pills too..

  4. Hi Agnes, I appreciate if you could tell me where to buy the chong chau pipa dan in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
    Warm regards

  5. Hi, Florence,

    I don't know where about you can find it in PJ, I usually buy from KK here.

  6. Does anyone knows where I can purhcase this product in Kuala Lumpur. My mum used to get them from Ipoh. I have been unsuccessful in googling for the contact of this distributor. Will keep on trying.

  7. if anyone have contact in pj or kl address..pls update parent also finding it..thank you..

  8. Does anyone know whether I can get it in Singapore?

  9. I went to numerous chinese medicine shops in Singapore but none carried this pi pa dan. My sister in Penang told me it worked wonders for anyone who is having cough & runny nose. I will keep trying & will publish if I can find this in Singapore.

  10. I don't think Singapore has this products, cos I have tried that before also.. now can easily find in Kuching

  11. This product is available in Kota Kinabalu from a chinese medicine shop called "New Min Kang" at Foh Sang. Great product ! If you have coughing for quite some time with no success of healing after taking other cough medicine, please try this product. God Bless !!

  12. it has been confirmed by the national Pharmaceutical Regulatory agent that birdnest chongcau pi pa dan contains forbidden ingredients. Please do not consume it anymore. Kindly refer here for more information

    1. Thank you for the update. I have not been taking this medical for many years now, my cough problem is under control ever since I started drinking coffee.

  13. Reminder this medication contains dexamethasone, caffeine, bromhexine. Dexamethasone is a strong steroids, NOT for long term usage ( Not more than a week )


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