Monday 31 August 2009

Clothes to pass on

Fearing that the clothes hanging railing designed by Clet would fall off one of this day, I decided to check through the heavy loaded line of clothes meant for our girls in our bedroom.

I always notice there are a number of clothes which has been out grown by Pearl each day I pick clothes for them.

Here are the clothes that I picked off the hanging railing. Most of them are passed down from Crystal to Pearl. I picked some beautiful dresses that would suite my little niece, Chloe. Some I donate through our church.

Sunday 30 August 2009

Shopping on Line

I appreciate shopping on line very much due to the fact that I hardly got the time and also every time going for a shopping trip, it would turn out to be like chasing games, hide and seek with my two active daughters.

Each time my mum follows us to shopping she couldn't stand the behaviour of my two daughters, her comment would be that " I don't think you could even buy anything from the shop with your daughters behaving that like" which I agree with her...

Just yesterday I brought my mum together with my two little young girls to children and lady's departments thinking of buying some new shoes and clothes, instead of looking for clothes I have to keep looking for them as they like to hide in between the lines of clothing which basically cover them. I get so tense keep looking out for them all the time.

At last I tell myself, I would be more relax and make better choices with shopping on line at the comfort of my home. My favourite on line shop is shopwiki where I can virtually find all kinds of women's wordrobe needs, ranging from designers' fashion to eco-friendly choices, fashion and trendy selections to figure flattering clothes for women, and all kind of accessories too, you name it shopwiki will have them in store for you.

I am particularly interested in the eco-friendly selections, it is fairly new to me and what attracted me to these clothes are that they are made with organic raw materials, with no pesticide, harmful chemical and bleaches substances in them. These clothes are made with environmental friendly in mind. This trend will catch up in the fashion industry in no time.

Tuesday 25 August 2009

Miss Venezuela - the winner of Miss Universe 2009

The 18 year old, Stefania Fernandez, was crowned as the winner of Miss Universe 2009 in Bahamas on Sunday, 23rd August 2009. Last year's winner, Miss Dayana Mendoza was also from Venezuela.

Miss Fernandez is such a beauty in a stunning red gown. Congratulations!!

Sunday 23 August 2009

Our saturday

As a full time working mum, I always look forward to weekends. It's so relieve that I still can go back to sleep when I am awake at 6am during weekends, that I got to spend some time with my girls, not sit around but being around with them at home even though I am always busy with the never ending house chaos. Praying hard to become a WAHM with a helper so that I can spend quality time with my girls, being with them every single moment is a precious moments to me...though there are times they drive me nuts..:@

Our niece, Kathleen, came visit us today, and our girls are shouting with joy because we have been waiting to have her around. Kathleen brought along two VCDs. Their afternoon were filled with activities. They watched VCDs, surfing the web, colouring, blowing bubbles, sharing "junked" food (keropok & jellies), decorating cup cakes, went to church and had dinner together after the mass. Pearl was so exhausted that she dosed off right after dinner at the shop. Too excited to having Kathleen around that she did not take her afternoon nap.

watching TV while having afternoon tea with the cupcakes which they put the toppings on

the cupcakes that I baked for tea
colouing session in progress

Wednesday 19 August 2009

removing ear wax

The doctor prescribed this ear wax remover drop for our girls when we visited her clinic more than a year ago. We used it once or twice to ease the excessive wax from Crystal ears. This is the SOLUWAX ear drops , its function is for softening the ear wax thereby it can be removed or drop out by itself easily.

And last week Crystal complained that her ears were very itchy and kept digging them with her fingers when she was trying to sleep at night. She requested for the ear drops. But we had to get a new bottle as the one we have had already expired on 01.08.09. Even though it had only expired for about 2 weeks, to be safe than sorry, I got Clet to buy a new bottle.

I have been applying the drops on Crystal's ear for the last 2 nights, Pearl saw it and wanted the drops for her ear as well. She too having plenty of wax in her ears. We have never cleared our girls ear wax since they were born cos too scare to hurt their ears with the little scoopy thingy knowing their always on the move characters so it would be safer to use ear drops.

Pearl thought it is fun and giggling there when I put the drop in her ear, she supposed to tilt her head for 4-5 minutes, she does not even bother, started with her playful act soon after I put the ear drops. hmmm... How do you clear your children's ear wax??

Tuesday 18 August 2009

Cintan non fried broad noodles

Since our girls like noodles over rice, this time I tried the Cintan brand non fried broad noodles, sound like healthier cos it's non fried, low fat and cholesterol free. I added some cut four colour rolls, siu mai and vegetable.

They did not finish their mee cos they do not like the shape, it's broad and flat in shape instead of round. Very fussy!

2 frozen four colour rolls

Monday 17 August 2009

Remedy cure for H1N1

I received this email from my colleague this morning. It would be a very comforting news if green apple and orange juice can really cure those infected with H1N1 virus. It is a very useful piece of information to share with you. You may want to confirm this information with Regina whose name is on the bottom of this email. Here is the details,

NEWS ON H1N1 : from a concerned friend :

My staff was crying herself sick on Tuesday morning...was told that her son was confirmed of H1N1 in his Uni at Kangar, Perlis...worse was that when he was bedridden 2 days the warden didnt even bother to sent to hospital till his dad came fm KL and with his friends assistance brought him to GH Kangar....

No one bothered in the hospital and he was put in the normal ward for another 2 days!!! (imagine the amount of people he has infected!!) .....after 2 days and his eyes were turning yellow and saliva greenish...he was put in quarantined room...

His mom practically fainted just telling me the story.. cant do much cos she does not have enough money to go to the north with the father...

First thing we did was made her call the hospital and insist that they sent him to Sg.Buloh Hospital or any other hospital in KL since they seemed to be more alert and more equipt...they refused of I sent her off to Kangar the same day to solve the problem.

Whilst this was happening, I had a call from one Ustaz who was in town to "help cure" another H1N1 child in Shah Alam....and was told this simple prescription by him.....

for those with sore throat please blend the apples and keep on taking till your fever disappear and yr symtoms are gone....I cannot explain it but the child in Shah Alam was ok too after taking this tip....

my staff's son was given the apple juice for the whole day on Monday/Tuesday and he was out of the fever yesterday Wednesday... .she called me and was crying on the phone to say that her son was out of ICU and was able to eat normally...all these happened within just 4 days today (thursday 6 august)...

This is just to share with my fellow sisters and brothers and hope this small info could assist others as well, No harm in trying and anything can happen!!!!

Thank you and Best Regards,
Regina Chong
Inventory Mgmt & Adm
Supply Chain Management Department
Petronas Methanol (Labuan) Sdn. Bhd.
(Tel: +6087-403 246 6Fax: +6087-427 827
Petronet: 8-597-3246

Sunday 16 August 2009

Saturday Meal at Sugar Bun

After the sunset mass last night, we were driving around wondering what to have for dinner. When driving along Jalan Pantai, we decided to try the chicken at Sugar Bun, I was told that the chicken taste better and healthier than KFC. Is an open air outlet, we sat down on a table started to pick our meal. After I have placed my order, I noticed that I had not ordered any chicken to what we originally came there for. What I ordered was a set meal for 2 persons, and a bowl of beef ball meehoon soup and french fries for Crystal.:(

We were having hard time to organise our food on the table when the food came. The table is too small even for a set meal, we kept arranging our plates and drinks for the whole of our dinner time.

Overall, we enjoyed the night in an relaxing open air environment with the live band, we will have to think twice for the food we are going to order if we were to have our meals there, not going to keep arranging the plates, glasses and everything else again.
Iced milk tea
Once tasted the milk tea, our girls love it
this chicken mushrooms claypot soup is not bad

plain tauke

deep fried fish, pickles and sauces

french fries, and deep fried potatoes (half had been eaten)

beef ball meehoon soup
relaxing at another table nearby belongs to other outlet after dinner

there were a lot of westerner around enjoying their drinks, the environment and the live band

live band started at 9pm

Tuesday 11 August 2009

Sweet heart ice cream

2 scoops of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavour ice cream with bee pollen granules, tiny little round and heart shape sprinkles and some flax seed oil.

This is the little heart shape gift container from our cousin 's wedding that can be converted into a ice cream serving cup which was mentioned in my previous post. This little serving cup is only good enough for little kids. Crystal asked for 2 servings as it was too little ice cream for her.

Monday 10 August 2009

Read Music

I enrolled my daughter to a piano school when she was 4 years old thinking that she would be able to master the piano skills from very young age. I have heard so much of young children started off with their piano lessons and become great pianist when they grew up. I like my daughter to have this musical skill too..

With great enthusiasm, I accompanied her to all her piano lessons, she enjoyed the lessons at the beginning and her interest faded away after 3 months. We noticed that she started having difficulties in recognizing and memorising the more complicated musical notes many weeks into the lessons. She lost the coordination in hitting the right notes again and again. That's frustrated her and myself too...It is so discouraging that she refused to attend the classes after that.

Only recently I got to know about a course call Piano Sight Reading which helps young children and adults alike in overcoming the common hindrances in playing piano which was never being taught in the musical school which my daughter attended previously.

The Piano Sight Reading course has its proven and effective step by step piano playing secret techniques thereby has helped many students in improving and mastering their piano playing and read music skills.

A friend of mine described to me how grateful she and her son have benefited from this course. It has helped her son in becoming a professional pianist to a popular group in London now and it is also a dream come true that she is now a piano teacher applying the same techniques, seeing her students excel meant a lot to her.

I will definitely enroll my daughters to this course if they are ready to learn piano again.

Sunday 9 August 2009

Cousin's wedding

Yesterday was a popular day to wed. My cousin picked the 8th August to wed as well. It was a church wedding followed by a nice and cozy cocktail and lunch party at the church hall, a simple and relaxing party with plenty of food. It was also an occasion for us to mingle around with cousins whom we have not seen quite a while.

The newly wed (this photo was taken by Pearl..)

Crystal and Pearl with the beautiful bride

The bride throwing her wedding bouquet up in the sky...hahaha..the nearest lady got it.

lunch is served
plenty of satays and lamb

sanwiches, curry puffs and malay kuih were served before lunch

A little heart shape gift box filled with cookies and Ferrerro Rocher for guest to bring home, the heart shape can also be converted into an ice cream serving cup.
The bottle of drinking water specially label with the newly wed photo
The wedding cake and cupcakes

Wednesday 5 August 2009

Craving for fried mee

Our girls always fell very hungry after their afternoon school. Usually the daddy would buy some bread or cakes for them to eat before dinner, because dinner time would have to wait for another two hours away if I were to cook at home after coming back from work. Since the problem of H1N1, I prefer to dine in than dine out.

On our way home yesterday, Crystal asked for fried mee. The stock of mee at home has exhausted many days ago that I have to stopped by the supermaket to buy some more. Unfortunately I could not find the brand that we used to buy at this small scale supermarket, so in order not waste time going to other supermarket, I picked up a few types of mee from the shelf.
These are the types of mee that I picked up, Maggi mee are among them. I asked Crystal which one she want mummy to cook, and she picked....
this one..
and here is the fried mee for our dinner yesterday too plain that Pearl asked for "row row" (meat) but Crystal finished her plate of mee without complaint.