Wednesday 5 August 2009

Craving for fried mee

Our girls always fell very hungry after their afternoon school. Usually the daddy would buy some bread or cakes for them to eat before dinner, because dinner time would have to wait for another two hours away if I were to cook at home after coming back from work. Since the problem of H1N1, I prefer to dine in than dine out.

On our way home yesterday, Crystal asked for fried mee. The stock of mee at home has exhausted many days ago that I have to stopped by the supermaket to buy some more. Unfortunately I could not find the brand that we used to buy at this small scale supermarket, so in order not waste time going to other supermarket, I picked up a few types of mee from the shelf.
These are the types of mee that I picked up, Maggi mee are among them. I asked Crystal which one she want mummy to cook, and she picked....
this one..
and here is the fried mee for our dinner yesterday too plain that Pearl asked for "row row" (meat) but Crystal finished her plate of mee without complaint.


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