Sunday 16 August 2009

Saturday Meal at Sugar Bun

After the sunset mass last night, we were driving around wondering what to have for dinner. When driving along Jalan Pantai, we decided to try the chicken at Sugar Bun, I was told that the chicken taste better and healthier than KFC. Is an open air outlet, we sat down on a table started to pick our meal. After I have placed my order, I noticed that I had not ordered any chicken to what we originally came there for. What I ordered was a set meal for 2 persons, and a bowl of beef ball meehoon soup and french fries for Crystal.:(

We were having hard time to organise our food on the table when the food came. The table is too small even for a set meal, we kept arranging our plates and drinks for the whole of our dinner time.

Overall, we enjoyed the night in an relaxing open air environment with the live band, we will have to think twice for the food we are going to order if we were to have our meals there, not going to keep arranging the plates, glasses and everything else again.
Iced milk tea
Once tasted the milk tea, our girls love it
this chicken mushrooms claypot soup is not bad

plain tauke

deep fried fish, pickles and sauces

french fries, and deep fried potatoes (half had been eaten)

beef ball meehoon soup
relaxing at another table nearby belongs to other outlet after dinner

there were a lot of westerner around enjoying their drinks, the environment and the live band

live band started at 9pm


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