Sunday 30 August 2009

Shopping on Line

I appreciate shopping on line very much due to the fact that I hardly got the time and also every time going for a shopping trip, it would turn out to be like chasing games, hide and seek with my two active daughters.

Each time my mum follows us to shopping she couldn't stand the behaviour of my two daughters, her comment would be that " I don't think you could even buy anything from the shop with your daughters behaving that like" which I agree with her...

Just yesterday I brought my mum together with my two little young girls to children and lady's departments thinking of buying some new shoes and clothes, instead of looking for clothes I have to keep looking for them as they like to hide in between the lines of clothing which basically cover them. I get so tense keep looking out for them all the time.

At last I tell myself, I would be more relax and make better choices with shopping on line at the comfort of my home. My favourite on line shop is shopwiki where I can virtually find all kinds of women's wordrobe needs, ranging from designers' fashion to eco-friendly choices, fashion and trendy selections to figure flattering clothes for women, and all kind of accessories too, you name it shopwiki will have them in store for you.

I am particularly interested in the eco-friendly selections, it is fairly new to me and what attracted me to these clothes are that they are made with organic raw materials, with no pesticide, harmful chemical and bleaches substances in them. These clothes are made with environmental friendly in mind. This trend will catch up in the fashion industry in no time.

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