Sunday 9 August 2009

Cousin's wedding

Yesterday was a popular day to wed. My cousin picked the 8th August to wed as well. It was a church wedding followed by a nice and cozy cocktail and lunch party at the church hall, a simple and relaxing party with plenty of food. It was also an occasion for us to mingle around with cousins whom we have not seen quite a while.

The newly wed (this photo was taken by Pearl..)

Crystal and Pearl with the beautiful bride

The bride throwing her wedding bouquet up in the sky...hahaha..the nearest lady got it.

lunch is served
plenty of satays and lamb

sanwiches, curry puffs and malay kuih were served before lunch

A little heart shape gift box filled with cookies and Ferrerro Rocher for guest to bring home, the heart shape can also be converted into an ice cream serving cup.
The bottle of drinking water specially label with the newly wed photo
The wedding cake and cupcakes


  1. They gave a very special thought to the food and gift, I am impressed. KK can be very creative in wedding planning nowadays.

  2. Yes. I am impressed too..they made it so simple yet very thoughtful..I make use of the heart shape container as ice cream serving cup yesterday.

  3. Hi, first time here. The new couple did very good preparation on their wedding celebration!


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