Tuesday 29 January 2013

Hardwood Flooring

We did not do anything to the floor of our house when we moved in about two years ago.  The previous owner rented out the house all the while before we bought it over from him.  Due to wear and tear and it was not well maintained, the house was not in very good condition.

With very low budget, we only managed to touch up a little, paint the walls, fixed any leakages and moved in to our new home to avoid paying rental to the landlord of our rented house.

This more than 20 years old house of ours, we called it our new home, needs a good face lift and refurbishment. If budget permits, we would like to do a renovation and also an extension to the kitchen.  The floor tiles are old and with stubborn marks here and there, we will replace it with the modern hardwood flooring.  I have seen many nice hardwood flooring patterns at Ephrata floor store.  If we were to replace our flooring, we will have to browse through the different brands and species of flooring available at Ephrata to decide which type suite our furniture best.

I would like to have the hardwood flooring at our living room as well as for our bedrooms and study room.   I am really looking forward to do some renovation to our house hopefully by this year.

Tuesday 22 January 2013

My Kids Fashion business :D

It's nearly 12am now, I am squeezing a bit of my sleeping time to update my recent activities.

With the help of my better half, my Kids Fashion Dot Com business has finally opened its door for business last Saturday, 19/1/2013.  I suddenly felt good about pushing the front shutter up that day after days of closed door preparation though I still have not got enough stocks to fill up my shop.  It is a small display area occupying only the front portion of a corner shoplot in Central Shopping Plaza, Kepayan, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, we use the back portion as office.  It is one of the least crowded shopping centre in the city, most people will question why we chose this place to start a business. For reason being that it is near  to my kids' school and the rental is reasonable.

We had some sales over the weekend and hope business will catch up with more people know our existence.  That's where I will be spending my time during weekends and public holidays managing my new  business by offering beautiful and affordable children's garments to my customers.  We hope to expand into more outlets in the coming months..wish me luck!!

Thursday 17 January 2013

My prize has arrived

My lucky draw prize has arrived from Singapore yesterday. As soon as I opened the package, I can smelled the fragrance from the massaging bar. 

I am one of the lucky winners of Peter Thomas Roth Giveaways from Luxury Havens. Thank you Shirley for taking the trouble to post the prize to me!
My prize

Please check out Shirley's Luxury Haven blog for more giveaways and contest.  I will try my luck again for more luxury items which I can't find or come across in where I live. 

Wednesday 16 January 2013

Absent from work and school

Sent our girls to school this morning, but Pearl is still unwell after 2 days absent from school, she is down to cough and flu, fever Caused by Throat infection. Doctor put her On antibiotic but We did not proceed to give her, we always try to Avoid letting Our girls taking antibiotic As much as we Can. Today we started giving her antibiotic because home remedies and supplements did not help her to recover as fast. Teacher Asked her to rest at home today. she has been missing school for 3 days this Week..To avoid home works being piled up, daddy has to go to her Classroom to take a snapshot of her homework lists from the board so that she Can do her homework at home.

In order for Pearl to rest at home', I decided to take a day off from Work. Following her daddy work schedule will not Allow her to rest well like how it was for the last 2 days. She got to rest at home now while enjoying her favourite VCDs. Happy to see that despite being sick and weak she still able to follow the moves on her favourite Hi-5 song. Get well soon Pearl.

Tuesday 15 January 2013

Free coffee refills at McDonalds

On monday, just happen that we were around the city with a McDonald nearby, so it came to me that why don'twe have McDonald breakfast for a change.  We usually have economy mee and stuff for breakfast, having burger for breakfast is not our norm.
When I stepped into McD I saw this sign in front of me, there is a pot of coffee on the table waiting for coffee lovers. I am not a coffee addict but more towards casual coffee drinker with lots of milk and preferably with brown sugar as sweetener.

Back to McDonald breakfast, since our kids are at school, we ordered one set of each for ourselves. Honestly, I like its burgers,  expecially the texture of the buns. Two sets of Mc breakfast only cost us around RM10.00 (USD3.20), reasonable.

With the purchase, we were given a piece of the heights measurement scale for kids, very colourful. That will add colours to my kids fashion shop.
Needless to say, I refill my coffee and take it away to the office. Clet helped me to refill. If you want to have a free flow of coffee in the morning, go to McDonald. 

Sunday 13 January 2013

Travel to a winter wonderland

Too much of seeing beautiful winter snowing scenes in the TV, our girls always ask when we can go to visit a snowy country.  Our visit to Genting Snow World last November definitely did not fulfil their desire of wanting to experience the real snow atmosphere. Again, yesterday, Pearl posted this question to me on when we can go snowy place.

In order to let her know what are the countries having snow, I showed her the world map for the first time.  I also showed her where we live and what countries we have travelled to.  Hopefully we can make a trip to a winter wonderland so that they can experience real snow this year.      

Saturday 12 January 2013

This Big World

My girls loves to watch the Winx Club on youtube. They particularly like the theme song "This Big World". They always song along and also want their singing to be recorded on my hand phone again and again.  Later, they will playback to hear how their singing like.   They have got the interest in singing, probably this is inherited from the Daddy, a little bit of the Filipino side of them.

With the request of my girl, she wants this video clip to be embedded in my blog, so she can be reminded this is one of her favourite songs when she visits my blog in months and years later.

On the other note, I have received a giveaway prize from Hayley through Poslaju yesterday. In fact it was delivered to my home but we were out to work and school. I only managed to collect it from the Pos office the next day. A souvenir from New York during her holiday to the US last year.  Thanks Hayley!! It is now on our fridge together with the rest of my collection of magnets.

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Skin Care, AnneMarie Borlind Products

My Day Cream pot is empty.  Trying to save by using as little as I can for the last few days, till I can dig no more today. "_"
empty cream pot

I am not very particular in choosing my skin care products so long it is not questionably cheap (the quality of very cheap stuff are questionable) and not overly high priced (those that I can't afford).  

For the last 2 -3 years, I have been using some of the Annemarie Borlind's products.  I find their products are of good quality as it claimed.  Annemarie Borlind's products are from Germany,   The company that I work for is the sole distributor of their products,  they are being sold in Malaysia and Singapore.

I have tried their Skin Whitening Fluid, Ceramide Vital Fluid, LL Regeneration Eye Wrinkle Cream, and LL Regeneration Day Cream.  Today, while replenishing my day cream, I am also adding its LL Regeneration Night Cream into my skin care regime.  

I have been using this LL Regeneration Eye Wrinkle Cream for 2 -3 year now, I like its non greasy and soft feeling each time I apply it.  I guess it helps me to control the appearance of the fine lines around my eyes.    

The new pots of LL Regeneration Day Cream (RM213.00) and Night Cream that I bought today.  

A short introduction of these products as it says on the packaging:
  • The LL Regeneration Day Cream is an intensive day protection with the highly effective LL Bio-Complex.  Proven to support the nature regeneration of dry, poorly moisturized skin.  Ideal as a base for makeup.  
  • The LL Regeneration Night Cream has valuable herbal extracts and the LL Bio-Complex have been proven to support natural cell renewal and have an oil-restoring and moisturizing effect on dry, poorly moisturized skin.  The skin regains its freshness and elasticity.
Both are with organic botanical extracts.  

**This is not a paid post. This review is meant to share my experience with the readers of my blog after I have used the product(s). Your sincere comments and sharing of your experiences on other products are welcome. **

Sunday 6 January 2013

Happy 12th Anniversary

Today is Our 12th years Wedding anniversary.
Like any other Couples, We have gone through lots of Ups and downs in these 12 years.
We pray with God's Blessing that we will have better years together ahead in a family of 4, and most importantly we ask for God's protection to be safe and healthy always, and guide us to achieve our dreams.
12 years ago

12 years later - Today

With the additions of two little ones,  4 of us in a family now.  

Friday 4 January 2013

Handicraft work at Primary 3

My eldest just loves doing handicrafts.  She brought back some of her finished projects at the end of last year's session when the school term ended last year.  She has been reminding me to post them on my blog since last year but I was ever so busy that I have been delaying her request.  When we asked her to clean up her messy work desk tonight, she found them, again she asked whether I have posted on my blog.  I know I can't delay her request any more as I have promised her to do so.  

These photos are taken by her to make it easy for mummy to post it on her blog..*.*

Again this year, she chose handicraft as the 1st choice in her school's extra curriculum activities.  I expect  to see her hands, face and uniforms with colouring and paint at the end of each class.  No doubt with more of her crafting stuff at the end of the year.    

Tuesday 1 January 2013

Wholesale Cut Flowers

When I was in my home base florist business many year ago, I was having problem getting fresh cut flowers. As it is home base, I do not keep fresh flowers like most of the florist do.  My business is on made to order basis.  Since I am not a consistent buyer of bulk fresh flowers, the flower suppliers are not willing to supply me with the wholesale price, at times I am not able to even get the types of flowers as per my customers requests.  The flower suppliers always tell me that their flowers have been reserved for the florist shops.  Under such situation I get frustrated and my customers get even more disappointed for they are not able to get the type of flowers they have ordered from me.

The type of flowers and their colours represent specific meanings.  To many people if they are unable to get the right type of flowers, it would defect the meaning of sending flower bouquets to someone for that specific occasions. 

I remember in many occasions I had to turne down many orders as I could not get the right flowers as ordered. Without doubt, my business has decreased and I had to finally call it a quit.

If I had known a reliable Wholesale Cut Flowers supplier whom can cater for my needs, I would still be in florist business till now.  If so happen one day I decide to go back to florist business, I would definitely order from them.  With the support of a reliable fresh cut flowers wholesaler, I will be able to provide better service and more varieties of flowers to fulfil my customers' specific needs.

It is a joyful feeling to receive fresh flower bouquet same goes to the one who send it.  The display of fresh cut flowers not just brighten up the room but also able to lift up one's mood for the day.  Order some fresh cut flowers to brighten up your days and send flower gift to lighten up your love one.

Christmas 2012

Here are some photos to recap our Christmas 2012.

 Carollers visit our home.  Crystal acted as Mother Mary this year.  The three bright stars hanging on the garage were bought from our Philippines trip.

 Our girls just couldn't wait to open their presents from aunties, uncles and cousins though it has passed midnight after our Christmas Day's family gathering.

Simply excited in opening all the Christmas presents.  

In fact there are many more photos that I have taken using my new Samsung handphone, I am still not used to uploading the photos using it.  More comfortable using my old Canon digital camera.  I need more time to play around with my new android phone before I could use it to the max.

Seafood Display Cases

My brother is thinking of venturing into seafood business.  He came by a number of seafood suppliers whom are able to supply him with fresh seafood with good wholesale prices.

As he is a busy businessman in his transportation business he is not able to take care of the seafood business personally.  For this business expansion, he has to rely on the staff to run the business for him. As we all know, seafood is perishable especially in the warm climate like ours.  Fish can easily turn bad if they are not properly stored.  So he has to ensure that proper and suitable seafood displays are in place for the business to run smoothly without much headache to him.

Besides having proper storage, the display of the seafood is also very important to attract customers.  It has to be clean and be able to keep seafood fresh at all time, therefore having nice and suitable seafood display cases is not only necessary but is a must-have display counter in any seafood outlets. 

He has been looking around to search for the display cases lately.  There are a number of seafood display cases that he is considering of buying, it is all depends on  what sort of concept he would like to have for his outlet.  We are also putting our minds together to help him with this business expansion.  Like the saying goes, the starting stage of any business venture is always the toughest. 

a 10" fresh seafood merchandiser with air overflow refrigeration system & end merchandising wing 

12" fresh seafood merchandiser with curved glass 

The above two seafood displays would be suitable for most seafood outlets.  We like to buy fresh seafood same goes to our customers.  To have repeat customers, we will have to take extra affords to make sure our products are up to their satisfaction. 

We are looking forward to have fresher seafood mechandises once our brother's seafood outlet is in operation. 

Happy New Year 2013


We are now in Year 2013.  We are all a year older and looking forward to accomplish what we have set out to do this year.  I would like to wish everyone who drop by my blog a blessed and fruitful and healthy year ahead. 

There is going to be an addition to our to do list this year, that is to set up our little children clothing outlet and intensify our online shop which is going to be tough as this is an extra task to our already busy schedule.

To start off this year, I had a disturbing stomach which woke my up at 3am this morning.  I got to rush to the loo to vomit and clear my stomach.  Probably due to indigestion.  Basically I ate non stop from 8pm till midnight while waiting for the clock to strike 12. 

I feel much better now after clearing what were rejected by my stomach.  

We shall be back to the routine, school starts tomorrow, is going to be hectic for us parents and the kids.