Sunday 6 January 2013

Happy 12th Anniversary

Today is Our 12th years Wedding anniversary.
Like any other Couples, We have gone through lots of Ups and downs in these 12 years.
We pray with God's Blessing that we will have better years together ahead in a family of 4, and most importantly we ask for God's protection to be safe and healthy always, and guide us to achieve our dreams.
12 years ago

12 years later - Today

With the additions of two little ones,  4 of us in a family now.  


  1. So sweet!

    Happy anniversary to you and hubby!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Agnes! May u have many more to come :)

  3. Happy Anniversary to you, Agnes.

  4. Happy Anniversary Agnes! Wishing you many more beautiful years together!!

    By the way, wrote you an email... :)

  5. Agnes, God bless your lovely family.


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