Sunday 31 March 2013

Free Kit Kat Mug with purchase

Free 1 Kit Kat mug with the purchase of 1 packet of 12 family pack of Kit Kats. 
I suppose this giveaway has been on since Chinese New Year. 
There are 3 designs to choose from, since I only bought 1 family pack I just let the cashier to pick any design for me.  I must admit that because of a free mug I bought a pack of 12 Kit Kits as opposed to purchase only 1 or 2 small bars for my kids normally.

 I like this mug for its bright red colour and it doesn't look cheap skate in quality 
 its size is just right for my coffee or tea but it is barley drink in this picture.  I boiled a pot of barley in slow cooker over night especially for my mum who has been admitted into the hospital since last Thursday due to severe vomiting and diarrhoea.
A pack of 12 kit kat and my free mug.  

Do you purchase more than you normally do because of free item??

Saturday 30 March 2013

School Holiday with my girls

I took a day leave from work last week while Clet attending a full day course.  I got to spend the whole day with my girls.  As a FTWM, it is not always have a day off like this with my girls.  

Crystal was in recovering stage from her stomach upset problem thought I would want to give her some nourishing food which I do not get to prepare for her and Pearl during working days.  I also managed to do get something done which has been long overdue, read on and you will know what I meant. "."

Sweet potatoes desert with sago.  Purple sweet potato is Pearl's favourite.  For Crystal to cool her body as she has got fever days earlier.

For breakfast, I cooked meehoon herbal soup with lean pork and meat ball.  The bigger bowl with loads of vegetable is mine, our girls rejected all the green vegetable I gave them though with just a small piece.  Hard to get them to eat vegetable "sigh".  

My eating capacity is big.  This egg sandwiches was part of my breakfast too.*.*

with a cup of vanilla coffee.  I am cutting down my coffee intake recently, replacing it with Horlicks in the office, but still can not resist to have coffee in between the days.

This was the Chinese New Year decoration for our house put up by Clet.  It was still there though Chinese New Year has long past.  Visitors came to our house would be questioning (inside them of course) whether we are going to keep this decoration till next year..??
Of course not la...I had made a point to pack them up nicely in a mandarin orange box that day so that we can use this decoration again next year.  
All packed ready to be put into the store room

Later part of the afternoon, we spent our time at the shop.  Our girls had their kon lou mein for lunch while enjoying an episode of princess cartoon.   

I also managed to get Pearl to become my little model for the new party and flower girl bride's maid dress.  She is wearing Size 8. Sizes available are Size 4, 6, 8 and 10.  Please check out the New Arrivals at my Kids Fashion Dot Com Facebook Page.

I didn't realise and Crystal also forgot that day was a Tuesday.  She missed her piano class.  It has always been her daddy sending her to piano class but it has totally slipped his mind during school holiday. When he read the SMS reminder from the piano teacher in the seminar, it has already way past the piano lesson time.  Apart from that, it was a great day spending time with my 2 little precious.

Monday 25 March 2013

Good Neighbours

I must say we are blessed with good neighbours both left and right and the one right opposite too.

I am closer to our neighbour on the left, though I am always out of the house during the day, we always find the chance to chit chat and catch up a little over the fence whenever we happen to meet each other. 

These are some of the gestures of our caring neighbour :
  1. They help us to switch on our garage light when the sun goes down so that our house is not in total darkness when we come back late in the evening.
  2. When we are away for vacations, they help us to feed our dog, Lucky, by giving him food over the fence (most of the time leftover roasted lamb and bones as they are specialised in roast lamb business).
  3. Occasionally they will pass a container of roasted lamb, fruits from the relative's farm for us.  They will hang it on the fence if they did not manage to meet us.
  4. They will help to watch over our house when we are away for a few days.
  5. They will bring back goodies and gifts for us whenever they travel abroad.  Not to mention Chinese New Year Celebration.
  6. They will invite us over when they hold a party at home.
These goodies are from their trip to China last week.    

Crystal is very happy to see this mochi.  Unfortunately she is still suffering from stomach upset, have not totally recovered yet.  She has tasted a very nice ice cream mochi in the Philippines and she has been asking for a similar mochi.  

Sunday 24 March 2013

Smecta for diarrhoea

After I have recovered a little.  My precious Crystal got sick the following day.  We still couldn't figure out what kind of food that she is allergy to, she has got very bad allergy causing itchiness all over her body and swollen on her eyes and mouth on Wednesday.  Besides that, she also had diarrhoea in the day and fever set in later in the night.  She couldn't sleep well and both me and Clet had a sleepless night as well.  Crystal had sick leave from school on Thursday as a result.

Her diarrhoea problem persist until today, the doctor did not prescribed any diarrhoea medication for her because he reckoned it was the allergy that have caused her stomach discomfort.  

She appeared weaker than normal and complained of stomach discomfort and frequent to the toilet to pass loose and watery stool.  After her revision class from GMA (Genius Mind Academy) in the afternoon, she felt even weaker after using so much of her brain power in the class.  I closed my shop earlier and Clet sent us home so that Crystal can rest and take her medication.

I gave her the medication that the doctor gave her when she had diarrhoea and fever a few months ago.  Clet bought another 8 packets of the smecta as we have ran out of.  

 Pink one is for diarrhoea, fever medicine next to it, and a packet of smecta (it functions to collect all the bad becteria in the stomach and sent them off to the toilet).  Hope this medication will help Crystal to recover soon.

Clet bought extra packets of smecta in case anyone of us kenak diarrhoea. Eating out something is unavoidable. 

After 1-2 hours taking the medication, she is back to her normal self joining her little sister in the computer room, playing computer game, and she told me that she is passing out a lot of air from the tummy :) It is much better than seeing her feeling so weak lying on the bed having fever and stomach discomfort.  Get Well Soon girl..!!

Friday 22 March 2013

The Photo Bank Booth

I often see in the movie screens that people taking photos in the photo bank booths but I have not been in one myself.  I can't remember seeing any photo bank booth in the city I live.  

Most of the time the photo bank booths are placed at where fun fairs, theme parks, tourist attraction are located.  I guess it would be fun taking photos with family and friends in the photo bank booths, where they can making all kinds of funny faces and postures. :D

To meet the current market demand, the service of dallas photo booth has extended to private functions like wedding celebration.  They have received overwhelming responses from their customers.  It is definitely a brand new concept to be introduced to any functions, where the guests and the hosts can have their memorable moments captured at an instant because the photos will be produced at the booth.  

These are some of the features for the dallas photo booth :
  • Fast prints from the booth
  • Unique round and spacious design 
  • many props to choose from 
  • can fit up to 8 persons in the booth at a time
  • 23" screen with up to date slide show
  • Touch screen monitor for easy use
  • various background to choose from 

They provide flexible payment plans, basic & luxury packages, professional booth in attendance during the event, USB event photos, guest are allowed to choose their own colors and photos templates, and the theme background too
If your wedding is on the way, why not start planning to have wedding photo booth rentals at your reception,  your guests will sure be looking forward to have their photos taken in their best attires at your wedding.

Besides the rental of wedding photo booth, they also cater for company function with special designed themed background and customised features of your choice outside the booth. Please visit for further information.   

Token of Appreciation - A new bag

A sensible supplier of mine sent me a lovely bag as a token of appreciation for our first business dealing.  Of course, I am very pleased to receiving it.  It is simple yet practical.  The quality is better than most that I have seen.

I was actually looking for a bag, a smaller and handier bag than the one I have been using.  I did enquire on one of the bag that she is selling but I decided not to buy for reason I forgot what was it. 

The bright pink colour is really outstanding, I wouldn't buy it if I have a choice.  But after using it for a while, I started to like its sweet and bright pink colour instead.  It is light weight which is suitable for a person like me who tends to carry many other stuff in my bag just to make sure they are available when we need them, especially for our 2 girls.   I am glad that this bag is big enough for me to load in one or two sweaters for my girls and a scarf for me.

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Sudden attack

I thought this is the end of my world. The earth is spinning faster than normal, I felt like vomiting when open my eyes, starting to have cold sweat. My arms and legs started to give way (no energy).  

It was about 4.30 pm in the office yesterday, I was rushing to finalise a report which has been a month overdue.  It attacked me suddenly when I stood up and turned to the photocopy machine right behind me to collect a copy of the report I printed out from my computer. I went back to my seat and the whole world is spinning.  I tried to rest my head on the table and hope it would be over soon but it didn't.  I had to call Clet in to fetch me earlier.  I vomited twice before reaching the doctor's office.

After checking both of my ears, blood pressure and my abdomen, I was treated as Balance Disorder or Inner Ear Fluid Imbalance.  My younger brother having the same problem but I didn't know how it feels until I was attacked by it yesterday.

I was prescribed with 2 types of medicine, for the ears (2 tablets 3 times a day) and vomiting (1 tablet 3 times a day).  After sleeping the whole night last night, I took another 3 hours of sleep at home in the morning and did some house work and having Crystal accompanied me in the afternoon when she came back from school.  

I still feel tired and weak and hope I will get back to normal in another day or 2.  Got lots of work waiting for me to do as me being both an employee and employer.  To me, being able to work is better than getting sick. Health is Wealth.

Friday 15 March 2013

New Stocks, New Look

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day for us.  The new batch of children clothing has just arrived this afternoon. As the parcels were sent to our shop directly, I was not there, Clet took some home for me to check on them. We are happy with our selections. This batch of new children clothes are of similarly good quality as the first batch, New stocks with New Look.

New stocks still in the plastic bags waiting to be sorted out.  

Tekwandoe class

It was for the reason of having some form of exercise for our girls that we encouraged them to take up tekwandoe at school.  We also hope that so long as they continue with the lessons, they will acquire some form of self protection skills in the future.
Pearl joined in the class first.  She enjoys the lessons very much.  We wanted Crystal to join in too so that she too can at least exercise a bit rather than sitting down to read story books and play computer games most of the time. 
After a few negotiations initiatived by the daddy and the permission given by the tekwandoe  master allowing her to join in late and go for the upgrading test in less than 2 weeks, she finally agreed to join in the challenge with a condition that she will get to buy a story book and other reward if she managed to upgrade to yellow belt.  Tough negotiations.
Both of them went through the test and are yellow belt tekwandoe students now. 
They are more into learning the steps rather than using strength at this initial stage.  The movements are just like "chee kung" to me.  *,*.
With our 2 little ones taking tekwandoe class.  Clet started to convince me to join in the adult class as a form of exercise while our body still can stretch and kick.  ^@^. I am still considering. .....join or not join....???

Wednesday 13 March 2013

Breakfast at KFC

We've just realised that KFC is also offering breakfast menus.
We went to one of the popular kopitiam at Bandaran Berjaya in the city for my favourite fish meehoon soup this morning. After I have ordered, Clet was trying to pick what he wanted to add on for his kon lou mein, he spotted one baby crocroach running about in the fried fishes, he immediately cancelled our order and off we out from this kopitiam. 
While driving off, I spotted the KFC's breakfast menus. We have had McDonald breakfast several times but never at KFC. KFC serves Nasi Lemak as additional choice over McDonald.   Both have free flow of coffee too.  To me, the coffee is thicker at McDonald.   I took away my leftover coffee from KFC this morning but the design of the cup lid is some how not good enough to keep the liquid. My coffee started dripping from the lid on my way to the office.
I had porridge and clet had pancakes for breakfast.  Clet said one thing for sure fast food chains like KFC and McDonald,  they have better quality control on the food they serve.

Tuesday 12 March 2013

Home Cooked Dishes

We choose to get home early and stay indoor ever since the Lahad Datu and Semporna incident, which are in the news highlight in our national TV everyday. Unless there are occasions and activities that we need to stay out late or else we prefer to stay home. But don't be misled by our preference to stay home at night because of the current situation, KK city is business as usual and many still hang out till late at night. We will have to prepare dinner as soon as we get home. We prefer to consume home cooked food like many others, but due to the time we arrive home after work every evening, we are unable to prepare anything special for the family as we want to..sometimes our minds are just too tired to even think what to have for dinner. It is a bit of a struggle to decide the menu of our dinners, they have to be the simplest they can be, time consuming preparation and cooking ideas are out. Early morning cooking ideas are not for me too, because waking up earlier than 5.30am will drain me out. These are our usual home cooked dishes when we dine at home. Simply dishes for simple family like ours..*.* P.S. We hope Sabah will be back to peaceful state as soon as possible. Salute to all warriors who have sacrificed and those who are defending our country's sovereignty. May God Blessing be with you all.

Friday 1 March 2013

The focus is on Lahad Datu

It is worrisome thing to happen to Sabah.  Since the intruders landed on Lahad Datu on 9 February 2013, the focus has been on Lahad Datu, the eastern town of Sabah.  The Sultanate of Sulu is once again claiming for their right over the eastern part of Sabah.  As a Sabahan, I don't know much of the history of North Borneo (Now Sabah), till in the recent days I have been searching the internet for the basis of their claim.  

We hope this can be settled with no further bloodshed.  Though we are at the west coast of Sabah, we need to follow the updates of what's happening and put on high alert.  After this morning gun fires and curfew at Lahad Datu town in the afternoon, it would be wise to stock up some food stuff which we just did our shopping this evening.

Here is an update of what's happening at the time of this post.  This is another update.  Hope this will over soon.