Tuesday 12 March 2013

Home Cooked Dishes

We choose to get home early and stay indoor ever since the Lahad Datu and Semporna incident, which are in the news highlight in our national TV everyday. Unless there are occasions and activities that we need to stay out late or else we prefer to stay home. But don't be misled by our preference to stay home at night because of the current situation, KK city is business as usual and many still hang out till late at night. We will have to prepare dinner as soon as we get home. We prefer to consume home cooked food like many others, but due to the time we arrive home after work every evening, we are unable to prepare anything special for the family as we want to..sometimes our minds are just too tired to even think what to have for dinner. It is a bit of a struggle to decide the menu of our dinners, they have to be the simplest they can be, time consuming preparation and cooking ideas are out. Early morning cooking ideas are not for me too, because waking up earlier than 5.30am will drain me out. These are our usual home cooked dishes when we dine at home. Simply dishes for simple family like ours..*.* P.S. We hope Sabah will be back to peaceful state as soon as possible. Salute to all warriors who have sacrificed and those who are defending our country's sovereignty. May God Blessing be with you all.


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