Sunday 24 March 2013

Smecta for diarrhoea

After I have recovered a little.  My precious Crystal got sick the following day.  We still couldn't figure out what kind of food that she is allergy to, she has got very bad allergy causing itchiness all over her body and swollen on her eyes and mouth on Wednesday.  Besides that, she also had diarrhoea in the day and fever set in later in the night.  She couldn't sleep well and both me and Clet had a sleepless night as well.  Crystal had sick leave from school on Thursday as a result.

Her diarrhoea problem persist until today, the doctor did not prescribed any diarrhoea medication for her because he reckoned it was the allergy that have caused her stomach discomfort.  

She appeared weaker than normal and complained of stomach discomfort and frequent to the toilet to pass loose and watery stool.  After her revision class from GMA (Genius Mind Academy) in the afternoon, she felt even weaker after using so much of her brain power in the class.  I closed my shop earlier and Clet sent us home so that Crystal can rest and take her medication.

I gave her the medication that the doctor gave her when she had diarrhoea and fever a few months ago.  Clet bought another 8 packets of the smecta as we have ran out of.  

 Pink one is for diarrhoea, fever medicine next to it, and a packet of smecta (it functions to collect all the bad becteria in the stomach and sent them off to the toilet).  Hope this medication will help Crystal to recover soon.

Clet bought extra packets of smecta in case anyone of us kenak diarrhoea. Eating out something is unavoidable. 

After 1-2 hours taking the medication, she is back to her normal self joining her little sister in the computer room, playing computer game, and she told me that she is passing out a lot of air from the tummy :) It is much better than seeing her feeling so weak lying on the bed having fever and stomach discomfort.  Get Well Soon girl..!!


  1. Glad to know she is feeling better. Get well soon :)

  2. Speedy recovery to her, so that she can have fun in her holiday.


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