Friday 22 March 2013

Token of Appreciation - A new bag

A sensible supplier of mine sent me a lovely bag as a token of appreciation for our first business dealing.  Of course, I am very pleased to receiving it.  It is simple yet practical.  The quality is better than most that I have seen.

I was actually looking for a bag, a smaller and handier bag than the one I have been using.  I did enquire on one of the bag that she is selling but I decided not to buy for reason I forgot what was it. 

The bright pink colour is really outstanding, I wouldn't buy it if I have a choice.  But after using it for a while, I started to like its sweet and bright pink colour instead.  It is light weight which is suitable for a person like me who tends to carry many other stuff in my bag just to make sure they are available when we need them, especially for our 2 girls.   I am glad that this bag is big enough for me to load in one or two sweaters for my girls and a scarf for me.


  1. This indeed a very nice bag. I like its colour, its design and its size. Very lovely for you.

  2. Nice bag i like bigger bags which can store more things

  3. That's really pretty and very clever of your supplier!


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