Saturday 30 March 2013

School Holiday with my girls

I took a day leave from work last week while Clet attending a full day course.  I got to spend the whole day with my girls.  As a FTWM, it is not always have a day off like this with my girls.  

Crystal was in recovering stage from her stomach upset problem thought I would want to give her some nourishing food which I do not get to prepare for her and Pearl during working days.  I also managed to do get something done which has been long overdue, read on and you will know what I meant. "."

Sweet potatoes desert with sago.  Purple sweet potato is Pearl's favourite.  For Crystal to cool her body as she has got fever days earlier.

For breakfast, I cooked meehoon herbal soup with lean pork and meat ball.  The bigger bowl with loads of vegetable is mine, our girls rejected all the green vegetable I gave them though with just a small piece.  Hard to get them to eat vegetable "sigh".  

My eating capacity is big.  This egg sandwiches was part of my breakfast too.*.*

with a cup of vanilla coffee.  I am cutting down my coffee intake recently, replacing it with Horlicks in the office, but still can not resist to have coffee in between the days.

This was the Chinese New Year decoration for our house put up by Clet.  It was still there though Chinese New Year has long past.  Visitors came to our house would be questioning (inside them of course) whether we are going to keep this decoration till next year..??
Of course not la...I had made a point to pack them up nicely in a mandarin orange box that day so that we can use this decoration again next year.  
All packed ready to be put into the store room

Later part of the afternoon, we spent our time at the shop.  Our girls had their kon lou mein for lunch while enjoying an episode of princess cartoon.   

I also managed to get Pearl to become my little model for the new party and flower girl bride's maid dress.  She is wearing Size 8. Sizes available are Size 4, 6, 8 and 10.  Please check out the New Arrivals at my Kids Fashion Dot Com Facebook Page.

I didn't realise and Crystal also forgot that day was a Tuesday.  She missed her piano class.  It has always been her daddy sending her to piano class but it has totally slipped his mind during school holiday. When he read the SMS reminder from the piano teacher in the seminar, it has already way past the piano lesson time.  Apart from that, it was a great day spending time with my 2 little precious.


  1. I appreciate you can take a picture of the dress which is available in size 12. PM me in my FB, and also the price. I may want to get one for April as her birthday present next month.

  2. Such a wonderful mom! I've not tried Purple sweet potato. Is the taste same as the orange ones? Looks tasty!

    1. More or less the same I guess but the purple one are said to be more nutritious.


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