Tuesday 19 March 2013

Sudden attack

I thought this is the end of my world. The earth is spinning faster than normal, I felt like vomiting when open my eyes, starting to have cold sweat. My arms and legs started to give way (no energy).  

It was about 4.30 pm in the office yesterday, I was rushing to finalise a report which has been a month overdue.  It attacked me suddenly when I stood up and turned to the photocopy machine right behind me to collect a copy of the report I printed out from my computer. I went back to my seat and the whole world is spinning.  I tried to rest my head on the table and hope it would be over soon but it didn't.  I had to call Clet in to fetch me earlier.  I vomited twice before reaching the doctor's office.

After checking both of my ears, blood pressure and my abdomen, I was treated as Balance Disorder or Inner Ear Fluid Imbalance.  My younger brother having the same problem but I didn't know how it feels until I was attacked by it yesterday.

I was prescribed with 2 types of medicine, for the ears (2 tablets 3 times a day) and vomiting (1 tablet 3 times a day).  After sleeping the whole night last night, I took another 3 hours of sleep at home in the morning and did some house work and having Crystal accompanied me in the afternoon when she came back from school.  

I still feel tired and weak and hope I will get back to normal in another day or 2.  Got lots of work waiting for me to do as me being both an employee and employer.  To me, being able to work is better than getting sick. Health is Wealth.


  1. Opps sorry to hear about this, remember to take your medications on time!
    Speedy recovery!

  2. Get well soon ya...Takecare..

  3. Did u check with the doc why u have this problem ? At least u can avoid it if possible. Speedy recovery and take care. Agreed, health is wealth.

  4. Oh no! I hope you are better now. Any supplement to improve this sickness?


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