Sunday 30 June 2019

Crystal Stones & beads

Diamond is every woman's best friend, and I believe same goes to gold and silver.  Those who can afford would buy as collections and investments because the prices of these precious items are pretty stable and price may go up in the future due to scarcity.

I personally fond in wearing Crystals gem stones, those with A, AA, AAA grades are of affordable and reasonable price, of course I hope can afford to buy few pieces with real genuine precious stones in the future.  I have been reading articles about the healing power of those real genuine Crystal stones can bring to human since ancient times.  We can experience the power from both wearing them and placement of Crystals in our home and office to attract good chi and expel bad luck.

Though I have owned few pieces of Crystals in form of bracelets, small stone, wands and money trees (hope they are real stones).  Recently my colleague started talking about her collections of bracelets that she bought online, that has triggered my nerves to start my shopping spree on buying the varieties of stones which I don't have.

My all time favourite is this green jadeite which I bought when I was still single.  As my wrist is small.  I have taken out two beads to make them into earrings.

My recent favourite and satisfying purchase is this 8mm Strawberry Lepidocrocite beads bracelet.  Lepidocrocite is one of the healing combo in the Super 7.  It is a strong psychic protection stone that deepens intuition and help to contact our guides (information source from the internet & shop).  

The Strawberry Lepidocrocite beads of different sizes can be purchased and DIY into bracelet, necklace and earrings.

The crystal beads are very pleasing to my eyes, I just like to wear them when I am out and about.  I picked these 4 of my bracelets this morning to go to church with me, hope they too get the blessings and increase their healing powers. 

From left : Red Supeer 7 Lepidocrocite, Clear Quartz, Golden Strawberry Crystal Quartz, Rutilated Citrine. 

Happy Sunday everyone !! 

Sunday 2 June 2019

Travelling to Labuan Federal Territory

We are already in the month of June in 2019.  Times passes so quickly.  I have not been able to keep up with my blog posting as I have planned to.  

I am glad to be able to take leaves from work and traveled to Labuan for a 3D2N short stay with my family last week, my daughters have been longing for an outstation trip since our last family holiday some 2 years ago.  Though I was on leave, I still got calls and whatsapp from bosses.  Can't complain instead it's a blessing.

Okay back to my Labuan trip.  The reason we chose to go Labuan was simply because of my better half's work commitment, since it's school holiday, we're able to tag along.  There is not much detailed information from the internet on how to go to Labuan besides by air.  Probably it is too common that people aren't interested to post on the internet.  I have been trying to search for the ferry fare from Menumbok to Labuan but to no avail.  There is phone number provided on the leaflet, I guess they are too busy to pick up the calls.  

There are several mode of transportation that we can use to go to Labuan from Kota Kinabalu.

1) By Flying there - The fastest way to travel to Labuan from Kota Kinabalu is by plane, it only takes about 30 minutes by Malaysia Airlines (MAS), the fares varies depending on high and low season ranging from RM100+ one way (about RM400 return), relatively cheap for single traveler but for a family of 4 like us will come to RM1500.00+ for return tickets.

2) Another way is to catch a coach from KK City Centre bus station opposite the old High Court. The fare is about RM18 one way. The coach will bring the passenger to Menumbok Ferry Station only  and from there  ride on a ferry or speed boat across to Labuan.  The journey takes about 2.5 hours to Menumbok Ferry Station.  Ferry ride is about 1.5 hours.  Speed boat is only 45 minutes.

3) There is a ferry service from KK Jesselton Point to Labuan.  The journey takes 4 hours.  Book the first class seats if you can.

4) We chose to drive our own car to Menumbok, parked overnights at the caretaker compound and take a ferry crossing. Driving our own has more flexibility and we are able to en-route to area of interest to look for food along the way.  

For those who would like to bring along their vehicle across to Labuan, they will have to book well in advance by providing the driver's and the vehicle's information.  All through whatsapp.    

We had our car serviced before the long drive to Menumbok which is about 140km from Donggongon town.  Pretty worrying though because it's an 18 years old car, climbing hilly roads is a challenge.  We are very glad that we had a very smooth drives, pleasant stay and my better half got his job done.  Our main transportation in Labuan was Grab. 

A video clip of road trip & ferry crossing to Labuan as a glance.  

We visited 2 tourist sites at Labuan.  The Labuan Marine Museum and The Labuan Chimney Museum.  That will be in my next posts.   Meantime, please enjoy the video.