Monday 31 December 2012

Food in the Philippines

Before heading to do some Christmas shopping, we had breakfast at the famous fast food chain, Jolibee.  The franchise was in Sabah at one time many years ago.  I wonder whether we could find any of its outlet in Malaysia now.  

 Beef served with rice.  The beef is very tasty well marinated.
   Our girls chose their favourite Hot Dogs with lots of cheese topping, served with rich soup.

 My breakfast, Lasagne with garlic bread.

One of the ice cream outlets serve their flavoured ice cream in little balls shape

 While the daddy doing his shopping at the men's section, our girls entertained themselves, sitting around or doing funny acts in  front of the mirrors.  They were tired after a couple of days of walking and shopping.  
 Choosing stars decorations for Christmas, we bought 3 of them in different colours.  

One of the nights, we had our dinner at Sugarhouse, a small cake house cum restaurant nearby our hotel serving Western and Philippino's cuisine.
 our girls had Fettuccine Carbonara.  A serving tossed in a rich cream sauce.  Topped generously with bacon bits and finished with a dash or two of Parmesan, PHP165.00 (RM12.40) per serving.  The taste is somewhat different from what they usually had. 
 Tuna Melt, a serving of tuna topped with melted mozzarella on a lightly toasted soft roll, served with side salad, PHP180.00 (RM13.50).  The lettuce is fresh, the burger is not bad too.
 Another cheesy pasta for our girls, Baked Macaroni.  It is served with a medley of meat, tomatoes, cream sauce and loads of cheese, PHP195.00 (RM14.65)
Beef Salpicado.  Tenderloin cubes in captivating salpicado sauce served with garlic rice, tomato salsa and a side salad, PHP350.00 (RM26.25).  The beef is very tasty.   

One the 5th day, we had our lunch at SM mall before heading to the airport.  As time is limited, we picked one of the small eatery to settle our lunch.   I think this is Daing.  Milk fish which has been dried, salted and marinated in vinegar with garlic and fried.  I was told that this dish is also made famous in Tawau too, a fast growing town at the east coast of Sabah.
 Tapsilog, dried beef served with rice

 Lots of brownies.  I am not a chocolate lover so these did not tempt me much.  But we brought back some as gifts.  

Though we had lunch before we boarded the aircraft,  the pre-ordered in flight meals had became our tea break.   
 Spaghetti Bolognese Combo
chicken pops, mashed potatoes and diced carrots

 Bukhara chicken Briyani combo, a bit too hot and spicy for me

Panini Chicken Combo

We are Home Sweet Home not long after we had our "Tea Break".

Travelling is tiring. After our Genting/KL trip in November and travelled to the Philippines in December, our girls asked us to give them a year break before we could go for another holiday...:D..After all school term will be starting time for holiday lo..


  1. That's a wonderful holiday, Agnes! I recalled usually having seafood, but never tried anything western during my days in Manila & they were really good. Happy 2013 to u & family!

  2. Hi Shirley, one of the enjoyable moments of travelling is to taste the local food. Will hop over to your site to wish you Happy New Year!!

  3. Can't wait for your Christmas shopping post. Happy New Year 2013 to you.

  4. Wow, what a fun-filled and memorable school holiday! Happy new year :)


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