Sunday 23 December 2012

Philippines Trip, December 2012..continues 1

Shopping is our first priority going to the Philippines...the currency is much lower than ours, more varieties, their local made garments are of quality, shop attendants are courteous, shopping malls are huge, toilets are clean, but food are generally slightly expensive unless you know where to find cheaper food in the food court.  We had our dinner at the food court just before they closed at 8pm.

 Spaghetti Carbonara, taste slightly different, the garlic bun is delicious
 I love this sweet & sour soup, the fish supposed to go into the soup but we prefer it to be separated, easier for us to get the bones out from the fish.
 One of the popular cuisine, the pork dishes.  Clet's favourite, not for me, too much fats
Meat balls in sauces

On the 2nd day, due to my lack of sense of directions, I got lost in finding my way out from the shopping mall, with 2 hands full of shopping, I went round and round to find the right exit from the mall to the hotel.  I finally got to ask from a security whom gave me the direction. :D
one of the shopping mall in Greenhills

I am so use to rely on calculators that I have problem converting the PHP to RM mentally.  Clet saw me struggling with that, he gave me this piece of small paper with conversion written down for me as guide, I  always take it out from my pocket whenever I need to check on the prices, make my shopping easier.

Besides shopping and exploring their food, we visited a church nearby.  The St.Joseph church.  This church is located within a guarded residency area, the security is tight too.

Christmas trees at the church compound

 giving donations
inside the church

Say prayers

To be continued on our trip next post.....


  1. Dint know you went to Philipines.. Must be a fun trip!

    1. Just for a 5 days visit. Fun and tired shopping, ;D

  2. I think I would be like you too...getting lost in a shopping mall.. *faint* hahaha...

    1. the shopping mall is just too big, too crowded..i will bring a compass next time,,hahahaa


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