Sunday 23 December 2012

Give away souvenir from Libby

I have received a give away souvenir from Libby a couple of days ago but I have forgotten to let Libby know about it in fact I have promised to let her know upon receiving it.  I have been too busy preparing for family's gathering and also getting ready to open my physical shop on children's apparels besides having my online shop. Libby, sorry for the delay in informing you, thanks for the souvenir - a cartoon document folder which is very useful to keep my documents intact and get some of my documents organised .  

To recap, I am the lucky winner in giving the right answer to her favourite post for August 2012.

This being the 3rd give away souvenirs I received from my blogger friends so far, I am looking forward to receive more....  

If you hadn't known, I am also having a Freebies Give Away in my blog here, your supports are highly appreciated.  

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