Friday 21 December 2012

Our Trip to the Philippines, 1st - 5th December 2012

This is to record down our trip to the Philippines from 1st to 5th December 2012.  After our trip to Kuala Lumpur in November, this was the first overseas trip for our girls, and also my first trip to the Philippines.  Clet has been there many times on business trip and wanted to bring us along for shopping and have a feel of the Christmas mood which started as early as September in the Philippines.  

It took us a couple of weeks to decide which country we should visit and shop for our purpose.  We chose between China, Thailand and Philippines.   We finally decided to hop on Air Asia to Clark, spent a 5D4N at Manila.  It was a short trip as we need to come back in time for Crystal to join her carolling scheduled on the 6th which was later postponed to a later date.
On board the aircraft having our meals
pre-ordered meals.  We enjoy having meals on the aircraft despite a bit uncomfortable with the space.

After near 2 hours flight from KK.  We arrived at Clark International Airport on a bright sunny afternoon.  Pearl can hardly opened her eyes under the sun.

it took 2 hours drive on a coach to the city of Manila from the airport.  The traffic is terrible in Metro Manila, worst than those in KL.

We arrived at the hotel about 7pm.  Our hotel room is very spacious equipped with other facilities.  It just 2 minutes walk to the shopping malls, too convenient for us to unload our shopping and go back for more round of shopping..:D.  Here are some of the photos of the deluxe room:

The TV is a bit old fashion but with Astro channels, sufficient to entertainment our girls with the cartoon programmes
Huge floor type aircon.  I think is pre-set with higher temperature during day time

Day view from our hotel room
Night view of the shopping malls from our room

stationery provided.  Internet service is PHP150.00 per hour and PHP600.00 per day.
safe and bathrobe too

After settling down at the hotel, we took a walk at the shopping mall to have a feel of where we are and look for our meals.  These are what we had on the 1st day in Manila.

We planned to go to the chapel in the shopping mall to say a prayer after meal but we were a bit late, it  had closed when we finished our meal, we took some photos with the Manger in front of the chapel.


  1. I never been there. Can't wait to read more about your trip.

    1. Hi Yan, will post an update on my trip soon. Stay tune!!

  2. Wow, I haven't been to Manila for ages. Used to visit the place during my flying days with SIA. Must've changed quite a bit.

    1. I guess it must have improved a lot..this is my first time to the Philippines, a lot of my friends returning to Philippines just to shop.

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  4. Never been there...can't wait to read your next post..

  5. Hi Agnes, have you received my giveaway souvenir?


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