Wednesday 18 January 2017

Harvesting our Taiwan Golden Fig

After into 8 months of planting our first fig tree since May 2016 (my earlier post), we finally got to harvest some decent size figs from our Taiwan Golden Fig (TGF) tree. TGF is not an expensive variety among all of the fig trees, but it is a very popular variety for the fig planters. The size of the fig is medium and the taste is reasonably good. We are so happy to "harvest" the figs after weeks of waiting for them to ripe, one after another. By the way, it only produced 4 fruits this time round. Let's come see our little "harvest".

We always cut the fig into 4 equal pieces so that everyone of us in the house have a share of it, even for the smallest tiny fig, because each variety has got its distinct texture and taste.


  1. The fig looks so juicy and sweet. I am looking for one to grow too but my nursery doesn't sell fig plants. Thank you for the videos. I am so inspire now to grow some fig plants too.

    1. I heard there are many fig sellers in West Malaysia selling cheaper fig trees, some selling online too.

  2. It has been 8 months? Seems less haha.

    Wow I'm also inspired to plant these now! Looks very nice indeed.

  3. Congrats! Well done for harvesting your own home grown figs. I love to eat figs too! The fig you cut look very tasty.

  4. You have green fingers. Must be exciting to be able to see the fruits of your labour.

  5. I like fresh figs too. You've got really good green fingers eh? :)


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