Wednesday 4 April 2018

Fresh Figs from garden to table

After about 2 years of planting fig trees, I have collected up to 20 varieties of fig trees in my house compound.  We have sold some of the small fig trees which we did air layered from our existing trees.  

We have not been able to sale our figs just yet as the figs that we harvested are just about enough for our own consumption probably because we let them grow organic way, we only fertilise our trees once in a while with organic fertiliser, no green house nor spraying chemical.  We have also lost many of our beautiful half ripen figs to the birds all the time, many figs stop growing half way through and countless of them got spoiled by fruits intruders.

We always get very excited when we see our figs fully ripen on the trees and make it to our table.  This week alone we are able to pluck up to 10 different sizes and varieties of figs, we gave away 3 to my sister in law who is trying to grow figs in pots as well.

sending them to my sister in law

enjoying some at home 
Me in action plucking the figs, weighing them and serving them as dessert


  1. I love to eat dried fogs very much since I was a kid. I had no idea that they could be planted locally as I always saw their big trees in overseas.

  2. Wow figs from your garden, awesome! I thought figs can only be grown in cold countries.


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