Wednesday 2 September 2015

Mount Kinabalu Re-open to climbers in September 2015

After near 3 months of closure to repair the mountain trails caused by the magnitude of 5.9 earthquake on 5 June 2015,  finally Mount Kinabalu of Sabah, North Borneo is now opened for climbers starting from 1st September 2015 amidst a mild quake struck Ranau on the very same day.  Climbers can climb up to Laban Rata via Timpohon trial.

The summit trial to the Low's Peak is expected to open by December 2015.
A photo from my brother with his tour coach at the fore ground and a nice and clear view of Mount Kinabalu as background.


  1. Would love to visit some day too! Have you been up there, Agnes? xoxo

  2. I have climbed Mt Kinabalu 2 times, went up to the summit once. The view is spectacular, feel like at the top of the world with all the clouds below.

  3. I am so sad to see its shape today. I climbed up once and it was so tough for me. My wife took 4.5 hours while I took 9 hours!!!!!! I snapped over 200 photos of birds, trees, flowers and moss... They looked unusual to me. The guide gave up on me and went up instead on my insistence. When I was still not up by 7pm, she got really panic and shocked. My wife was calm and told her not to worry. It always happened in China's mountains few times where I took my sweet time.


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