Sunday 12 March 2023

Learning foreign languages

My better half has been wanting to learn how to speak good Mandarin. He mingled around with Hakka speaking classmates when he was in secondary school, and now in most business encounters with the Chinese communities, Mandarin is spoken along side with BM and English. He tends to mix up Hakka with Mandarin. Hence, my girls recommended their daddy to take up online Mandarin class from Duolingo which they have been doing so by learning Spanish and Korean respectively.  They have previously mentioned it before but we did not put attention to what they are talking about.  

Without further delay, my eldest opened up the online website, helped her daddy to register and start learning Mandarin the night itself.  As for me, I chose to learn Korean because my youngest is learning Korean from the same website but put her Korean class on hold to concentrate on her SPM exams revision for the time being.  Well, it would be an advantage if two of us can practice speaking Korean next time.

I have started my Korean lessons since 8th Mar'23
the lessons look like this. 
My daughters have been consistent in reminding us to attend our daily classes.

After few days into the lessons, I still haven't got a clue on the Korean language characters.  Will learn at a slow pace. No pressure (😄😄) 

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