Saturday 11 March 2023

Banana Recipe for Generations

Do you boil the Bananas ?  

Yes we do.  It is very common for us to boil the Pisang Saba even though we can peel the skin off to eat them like other bananas  My mum loves boiled Pisang Saba (Banana Saba).  She served us boiled Pisang Saba when we went visit her, she would ask us to bring some home if she has got extra.  

There is no special recipe for boiled Pisang Saba.  Just clean them and boil them in a pot of water.  The fully ripened banana taste the best (sweeter) after boiling.  The boiled bananas can be kept up to few days in room temperature and longer if store in the fridge.

the boiled pisang Saba turned softer and browned.

We also use Pisang Saba to make banana fritters (pisang goreng) and banana chips.  

We used to have banana trees growing over the fencing at the back of our backyard.  They are growing wide, tall and wild. They have grown near attaching to the roof.  I insisted to remove them when we did our kitchen renovation last year.  They will grow back overnight especially after the rain.  We have to trim them almost every week to prevent them from growing wild again.  The price of Pisang Saba is relatively cheaper than the other bananas of similar size.


  1. That is very interesting! I've never heard of boiled bananas. We eat them fresh, or put them in baked goods like banana bread.

  2. I have never tried boiling bananas before. Only eaten deep fried bananas. You boil the bananas with the skin intact?

    1. Yes wash them and boil with the banana skin intact.

  3. I like banana but never boil it before.


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