Saturday 8 November 2008

Baby Ensond 12th days old

We celebrated Baby Ensond's 12th day birthday today at his parents' new home. He has since grown up quite a bit in just 12 days. He slept through the whole evening while we were there, no fuss at all though we made a lot of noise especially with my two girls and Anneliese chasing each other, shouting and laughing in and out of the room.
I quickly captured this when I saw him opened his eyes. He felt back to sleep again right away.

A kiss from grandfather

Dishes for the night. The drunken chicken and drunken sweet and sour pork leg are the two common confinement dishes prepared by my mum. We love them. I took some drunken sweet and sour pork leg home too.
Pearl with her uncle Albert, the father of Ensond
and Cystal got a hug too..

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