Tuesday 10 November 2009

Amazing truth of Fruits and vegetable

I am a vegetable lover but not a vegan. Times and times again, I read about the health benefits of certain fruits and vegetable but never noticed some of the vegetable I usually eat actually resemble our body organs and have direct benefits to that organ too. Do you know that?

It was brought to my attention when I received an email enclosing a slide entitled "God's Pharmacy" from my colleague today. It is amazingly true, that,

1. Carrots, when it is cut into halve, the round middle part resembles the eye, thus eating carrot enhances blood flow to and functions of our eyes.

2. Tomato, has four chambers is very similar to the heart which has four chambers too. Tomatoes loaded with lycopine, a form of carotene, good for the heart and blood.

3. Grapes, a cluster of grapes hanging on the tree resemble the human heart thus also profound heart and blood vitalising food.

4. Walnut, look like the brain. Consuming walnuts help develop more than 3 dozens neuron, the transmitter for brain functions.

5. Kidney bean, look exactly like kidney, it actually heals and helps maintain the kidney functions.

6. Celery, its stems look like bones. it contains sodium which is what our bones need. Eat celery to replenish our bones strength and skeletal needs.

7. Avocados, eggplants, pears, provides the health and functions of the womb, cervix of female. It says that by taking one avocado a day helps balances the hormone, prevents cervical cancer. Do you know that it takes 9 months to grow an avocado?

8. Fig, the fruit is full of seeds, hang in 2 on the tree. It has the function of increase the mobility of male sperms and increase the sperms numbers.

9. Sweet potatoes, looks like pancreas, thus has the function of balancing the glycemic index of diabetes.

10. Olives, assist the health and function of ovaries.

11. Oranges, grape fruits like the mammary glands of female, assist the health of the breast and the movement of lymph in and out of the breast.

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  1. Interesting! Good to know these health knowledge. That's what I like about working with New Life when I was in Panache, lots of healthy feeds!


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