Sunday 4 April 2010

Fresh, Soft and Spongy Wholemeal Bread

Been trying to bake soft and spongy bread like those selling at the shops using my new bread maker, but the results were very disappointing. My parents are always the evaluators to my baking, their comments were "very dry, can't even swallow", goodness! :( so I search the net for other bread recipes and noticed that many of them are using the bread improver.

Got myself some bread improver with the help from my colleague who did some purchasing from a local cake & bread ingredients supplier on Thursday, I was very eager to see what difference can the bread improver made, I added a very small amount of it to my ingredients, set the timer and went to sleep.

My wholemeal bread in the morning, I woke up before it is baked so that I can take it out immediately to avoid letting it to collapse by leaving it in the bread maker for too long.

The crust is a bit hard, I cut them away. Some adjustments need to be made on the setting.

Softer and spongier wholemeal bread hidden in the hard crust.

Heart shape and star shape sandwiched with cheese and coconut butter spread as breakfast for my girls.

A good start to eating wholemeal bread. Of course the shapes of the bread caught their attention.


  1. The bread looks great...I believe the taste is superb too.

  2. I used to make my own bread using the breadmaker but now too lazy :S
    I have never heard of coconut butter. WHere did you buy it from and how much?

  3. Hi Health Freak Mum,

    I am referring to the "Kaya" made from coconut as coconut butter :D

  4. Agnes,
    Where can we buy this machine? and how much it cost? looks reasonable to buy and we don't have to buy bread from outside anymore. Somemore fresh and clean kan :-)

  5. wow.. cool... am never rajin enuf to do this kinda stuff :D


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